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Expert Mode Voicemail

Expert Mode Voicemail

Lite variant than app_voicemail. Thus expert mode voicemail 

effortless to alter as most of the code created in Perl using AGI 

encourage your region mode sounds as well as also your encode e-mail 

whole flow-chart pictures. 

GPL License 

service Asterisk 1.2.X along with 1.4.x 

app_voicemail. So it is hard using oriental languages, and also different languages too. 

MagicVoicemail leaves it rather simple. 


Case in point: 


However, in Chinese, we claimed no need for messages that are new. 


You may say anyone XXX is invalid 

Vm-isunavail=vm-theperson percent DIGITS-VMID vm-isunavail 


Additionally, state that the man or woman is invalid XXX. 

Vm-isunavail=vm-the person VM-isunavail percent DIGITS-VMID 

So Download expert mode voicemail

Please log to get into a fresh variation of magic voicemail. 

Set up 

SEE Set up Data Files , expert mode voicemail

On your expansion: 


Document Mode, expert mode voicemail 

exten => variety,1,AGI(MagicVoiceMail|listing |[Voicemail_number]|u/b) 

Key Mode , expert mode voicemail

exten => variety,1,AGI(MagicVoiceMail|primary |[Voicemail_number]) 

Voicemail_number is the voicemail_number 

b Play Back active voice, expert mode voicemail 

un Play Back inaccessible voice 

Config document , expert mode voicemail


SEE magicovicemail.conf.sample 




1.2 New Flow-chart 

1.1 IGNOR SIG PIPE at AGI, also brand new branch. 

1.0 Initially variant 

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