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So this was Launched as Metro Logic Voice, being a facilities-based communications company in 2008,” Logic Voice Inc. can be really a full-time communications supplier. Logic Voice unparalleled operational efficacy, business experience, and specialized invention, empower it to offer you an assortment of tailored communications solutions and products.

Company-type = Personal firm

Groundwork = 2008


Spot = Newyork, NY Metro Logic Voice

Crucial Men and Women = Yaroslav Donchenko President & CEO.

Services and products = SIP Trunking, Digital PRI, Hosted PBX, VoIP Origination/Termination.

Homepage =, metro logics inc, Metro Logic Voice

Mail =, metro logics inc

Cell Phone = 1-800-797-VOIP, Metro Logic Voice

 While Logic Voice Supplies important voice, data, converged, and also handled mobile platform for companies and businesses Who Want an established, responsive, and more affordable Alternate to this telephone business monopoly in the USA.

Logic Voice Providers:

Voice Products and Services (Nearby Products and Services, Long Distance Solutions, Digital Company Lines, T 1 PRI Phone-lines )

VoIP Products and Services

 (SIP Trunking, Hosted PBX, IP Flex Bundles, Digital PRI, VoIP Origination/Termination, E-fax )

Info and World Wide Web Products and Services (Focused Internet Access DSL, T1, DS3, OC3, Metro Ethernet, MPLS IPVPN Support, Personal Lines),metro logics inc.

While Wholesale Provider Remedies (SIP-PSTN Termination/Termination LATA or OCN programs, CNAM Shipping storage and service Assistance, E911, LRN dipping in Excess of SIP, Listing Listing)

Worldwide Remedies (Call Shop, Internet Cafes, Calling-card, Call-back, Cellular, Prepaid Household, metro logics inc )

Logic Voice Community

So It comes with an entire set up and complex electronic shifting network with My Country Mobile, the maximum”next-generation” Soft Switch technological innovation. While for rising voice over IP (VoIP) for both incoming/origination in addition to outgoing/termination inter-connections metro logics inc. Logic Voice comes with an entirely meshed web Protocol (IP) system of personal MPLS connectivity. Also Public-IP by way of tier I carriers. Also over one hundred conventional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM). My Country Mobilebackward interfaces at DS3 indicating degrees.

So Logic Voice has twenty-five (1-1 ) geo-redundant shifting centers superb POPS in the united states and Europe. Also above four hundred regional POPS while in the United States metro logics inc. see also call center & best day time. 

My Country Mobile is also Specialized in different products like Bulk SMS and SMS API. see also VoIP problem

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