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Live Call Transfer

The call transfers app highlights the call community, allowing client-facing delegates to move an approaching call to another specialist quickly. Hence, this is especially useful for rapidly directing clients to the right specialist and thereby improving your client’s insight.

Call Transfer Benefits

  • Consistent handovers. Do not ask your client to dial another number. Instead, assist them quickly to the right specialist!
  • Business knowledge. Once call transfer app patterns and develop processes, you can identify your associations.
  • Moves across-the-border. Make calls to 219 areacode geologists in different areas.
  • Call accounts. It may also record the entire call movement naturally for review and improvement.
  • No gear is required. My Country Mobile also allows you to move calls immediately without the need for additional hardware.
  • Faster goals. You can resolve your questions faster by directing calls to the appropriate specialist/office.

Different types of calls move.

Cold Transfer Blind exchange is a virus movement where a call is moved to another specialist without consulting them first. Warm transfer Warm exchanges result in a call transfer app, transfer the call to another specialist to provide information to the client.

What you get out of My Country Mobile’s contact communities arrangements

IVR with staggered timing

Your clients will have a consistent experience every time they call. Our IVR arrangements allow you to customize, be weak, and sound is competent.

Auto Dialer

Autodialer programming makes it easy to make calls. However, the call transfer app eliminates the need for manual dialing and allows specialists to do it more quickly than expected. Auto-dialer helps specialists be more efficient, regardless of calling for leads, input, ordeals. They have automated calls and SMS. Computerized IVR decisions can be used to confirm COD requests, collect client criticisms, follow showcasing ROI, and so forth. Visual drag-drop APIs. My Country Mobile can do everything using our graphical APIs, from simple IVRs to complex call capacities.


Call recording

With our call place software, you can record calls, screen them, and make better business decisions. This program assists in the preparation of specialists and client discussion goals. It also allows you to make informed business decisions to deliver an exceptional client experience Daily Email Reports. Find out how your team is performing on calls. The call transfer app gives details of your day with call insights for individuals and groups.

Analytics by Call

You can use Google Analytics to analyze your calls with our call place program. Hence, you can get a detailed investigation on each mission you perform with data about the call and SMS. Constant warning, A missed call can result in losing clients or wasting time trying to resolve a client’s problem. Our call community programming will help you stay informed about your business calls so that you can better serve your clients. You can stay informed with impeccable timing.

Contingent Call Routing

Programming courses for programmed wholesale call programming calls consider various factors, such as when a client calls, where the client is calling from, and even who the client is calling Missed call services. The call transfer app is a successful way to continue work if you miss a call. Clients also find it extremely helpful. First, ask your clients to leave a missed phone call to a number. Then, you can adjust the response to fit your business. There are endless channels. We made it a point never to allow clients to miss a single call when we started My Country Mobile. You can have unlimited simultaneous calls.

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