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First-time viewers: Vonage admin, It is suggested that you focus on all the 2006-11-14 articles and then browse (broader themes), and if you’ve got the attention to see the old pieces (the closer the base ). 

 Techniques for Unlocking the Linksys PAP2 

Listed below is a listing of upgrades monitoring the advancement of Un-locking the Linksys PAP2: 


After yanking my previous ATA from the box at the loft, I recognized I’d had to recreate the darn thing because I forgot e password. It required several hunting to receive it directly and discover the most suitable data files. When other people have variant 3.1.3(L.S..S.) listed precisely, here is what I’d: 

Be sure the adapter can’t get to the worldwide web Vonage admin. It can upgrade itself and eventually become obstructed (forever?)  

Reset with **** on the keypad, then 73738#, then inch to 2 support. 

Go to the system and place the user password so you will be questioned with this specific login within the upcoming thing or two. 

Installation of a TFTP server someplace to guide your server into… you will Require PAP2-P2K.bin.zip along with SP2K-PAP2.bin.zip. 


Go-to Entrance:

//(PAP2 Ip-address )/upgrade?tftp://(TFTP SERVER Ip-address )/PAP2-SP2K. Bin and permit it to upgrade. Logging in using ‘person’ and password placed previously in the event required. 

The router will automatically reboot, register into the admin portion (leading somewhere) and return to the supply tab, even established Pro Vision allow AND update allow TO’NO’also it may likewise become a fantastic notion to drive the profile out rules and also upgrade law just in the event you strike on the placing later from the blunder. 

Ensure you place ‘admin’ and consumer passwords over the device until flashing back again. 

Go-to Entrance://(PAP2 Ip-address )/upgrade?tftp://(TFTP SERVER Ip-address )/SP2K-PAP2. Bin to upgrade to Linksys firmware. 

Installation and Relish! 

P.S. A direct guide to SPA-2000 configurations -fundamentally precisely the same apparatus in everything I will inform: spa2000.pdf 



WARNING!!! Usually, do not purchase PAP2 v-1 boxes at the moment, as there’s too much threat. You are sure to find yourself a v 3.1.7 box or even higher. These bins can’t be unlocked if you don’t register to get a Vonage provider to locate the provisioning XML Vonage admin. Vonage has ceased sending XMLs for apparatus which aren’t busy. They have a 30-day money-back promise, but I am uncertain how often you may utilize that.



In case you continue to be ready to get this PAP2 in its packaging (strangely, then they do become today and afterwards, but recall that you desire an un-opened one at a box using the ORANGE ring, maybe perhaps not the SILVER a single ) listed here are some additional tips (especially for people that do not achieve this in a while and could have neglected what we all did). 


1) Be sure at virtually no period before UN Lock is done will you connect the PAP2 to the world wide web or on some pc, change, or modem on the web Vonage admin. Even the PAP2, along with the pc you’re employing to put in it manually, MUST keep on being a system unto themselves with NO method to add access to this website. Be Certain to DISABLE ANY WIRELESS NETWORKING Functionality IN THE Personal Computer Entirely!!! 


Two ) Don’t succumb to this desire to place the jack into some static I.P. address. Put up Internet Connection Sharing onto your pc (needless to say, you aren’t sharing with the web) or perform anything you’ve got to accomplish in order to find the personal computer to function as a DHCP server and then nourish on the adapter its own I.P Vonage admin. Address and (most essential ) DNS server details. If you try that, you can locate yourself when it is hard to regain. 

PAP2 binary options

3) don’t obtain the binary documents. Download the PAP2 binary options first. You have to get into the Sipura binary option first. 


4) In case you didn’t view my preceding caution (for example, # 2 or no 3) before it was too late, then all might be dropped provided that the jack failed to observe that the world wide web Vonage admin. The same first action to do would always be to reset this apparatus by using ****, after which 73738Number as each of the first directions — if you do so, will (preferably ) ditch the firmware you loaded with a blunder and draw from the initial firmware out of ROM, then enabling you to start over from scratch (well, nearly ).

However, a challenge appears — should you decide up the telephone, you notice that a short ring followed closely by a grisly sounding active input, also hitting on ****, will do nothing! Only have endurance — then you merely need to hold back for a few seconds (following the hectic jelqing signal commences ), then your **** could do the job! By now, in the event that you’re prompted for a password, then try out any one of those: 78196365#, 50274537#, 7756112#, 8995523Number, 5465866Number (of course, when a person functions, subsequently struck inch to ensure ). 

Static I.P. address

5) If you attempted to use a static I.P. address and then enter position #4, you might need to execute the task inside the 2006-12-19 article beneath Vonage admin. Nonetheless, it might be more challenging as, as the gadget is not attempting to pull addresses by the DHCP server, then it may be on the lookout for just two (or even more ) distinct I.P..P. addresses —

One would be your DNS server, along with another one, just one or more of those addresses you entered by hand. You can utilize Wireshark to observe what it truly is attempting to get. You might need to produce your laptop or computer to function as a DNS host.

It really wants to watch described inside the 2006-12-19 informative article underneath. However, you could need to generate a mini-network comprising that PAP2 along with TWO additional computers, even only one acting as the DNS server along with one other staying one other speech it is attempting for at (remember it is possible to produce 1 NIC react to numerous I.P..P Vonage admin. Even using advanced-level TCP/IP choices may lead to different issues, mainly because Windows presumes that you never understand what you do and may block you from doing precisely the first thing you need to execute ).

Personal computer

But should you by chance possess two NIC cards on your personal computer, then you definitely should place you to function as the DNS server, then place up the flip to serve as one flip speech (es) the unit is searching for, then place your Web Connecting Sharing or DHCP server over this previous 1 Vonage admin. It is most likely less complicated with just two computers and a little turn or heartbeat, but bear in mind that the apparatus cannot have been authorized to join into this web during the time that you’re working to regain!!!!! 


6) In case number 5 appears to be a royal pain in the throat (or even, perchance, a decreased section of this body ), trust me once I state it’s! – Unless you’re a media ace at the event, you wouldn’t create these stupid mistakes at the first location.

I firmly advise you to heed the warnings in no 2 and 3. And now that I submit this to allow you to realize that in the event. That you DID create this type of mistake. Then the machine may continue to be recoverable in the event. That you quit and consider what it is you’re carrying out along with. If you don’t AT Anypoint, hook up THE DEVICE TO THE web. OR TO A COMPUTER linked to the INTERNET before it’s FULLY unlocked. However, if it’s well worth the spare time, it ultimately takes one to discover which functions are another issue! 



Do not acquire locked pap2; the most recent firmware is incredibly tough to unlock Vonage admin. Bot un-locked by Mutual phone to get 45 



I can validate the strange chart size cited in the 2007-05-03 submission below. I received my PAP2 away e bay. It was recorded as unlocked first. However, it was more secure. It was included with firmware 3.1.9 LSC. For example, personally, it lists the entire packet dimensions as 27990. However, just caught a hundred bytes on the cable Vonage admin. Perhaps I am not able to locate the TCP window size to Linux. And that I’m struggling to keep up my unlock effort. 




I’d precisely the brief Jumper in the PAP2v1 (such as the amount under ) Vonage admin. This executes a reset as the reset from the IV R **** 73738number inch to 2. Verify it does ‘t do the job. I shall keep striving. 



For all it is worth, rumour has it that the PAP2v1 Models operate a little-known Working System arising out of Green Hills Computer Software. 



After a while of attempting to add this Sipura for my PAP2 using 3.1.9Lsc,”. I chose a closer look at the packets with Ethereal. One among those reply packs in my HTTP machine was that the package had been too major (I don’t remember the proper communication, however, what exactly I meant once I looked it up). How that I get about that and be compelled to consume the Sipura firmware?

It used DrTCP (generally utilized to shift MTU) to improve the window. Dimensions of their TCP packs to 20000 to the ethernet jack. That the HTTP heard too, next, download from this Vonage admin. Bin functioned. I assume that they left the entry request having a large TCP packet. It dimensions to make an effort to reduce the “unauthorized” add of the firmware. I want to understand if someone else has got it into work in that manner. 




Even the PAP2v1 models I’ve are typically based on v0.03.4 plank at which the SW-1 cube includes four jumper PINs (as exhibited in the photo under ) Vonage admin. I took an operating PAP2v1 device configured using the FWD account and shorted two PINs (red circles) from the outside. Also, my PAP2v1 did carry out a factory reset (the energy LED pursuits signalled S O ).

But upon coming using the millresett, all of the configured specs were there, And Line 1/2 ended up registered to FWD. My PAP2v1 device, which experienced this Jumper shorting, remains running normally, just as previously. I will say this about equipping both outside PINs around the SW-1 block Vonage admin. Consequently, if you like to try it, Get it at your discretion, and I have no obligation for some accidents.

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