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Learning About Sending MMS with GIPHY API

Is it true or not that you are prepared for GIPHY API? This doggy is anxious to learn about it. This doggy ought to motivate you. Notwithstanding, this blog entry will cover how to send MMS utilizing My Country Mobile’s Messaging V2 item. We will likewise figure out how to get MMS in a future post.

This model uses V2 Messaging, our superior informing stage. If you’re now utilizing V1 reporting and might want to move up to V2, kindly contact your important contact at My Country Mobile. So We’re cheerful all the time to listen for a minute V2 can accomplish for your business. View The complete V2 documentation can be seen here.

Learning About Sending MMS with Bandwidth and GIPHY APIs - My Country Mobile

The Basics of GIPHY API

These are the rudiments of sending MMS messages:

  • MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. This is a method for sending instant messages with mixed media records, like pictures, recordings, sound, also GIPHY API. SMS can’t do this.
  • Document size limits with MMS fluctuate contingent upon the transporter.

Have you got these basics? Let’s move on.

What You Need

  • My Country Mobile record – V2 Messaging empowered also every one of the fundamental qualifications
  • Coding abilities. This content will utilize NodeJS, In any case, you can likewise collaborate with My Country Mobile’s API using other programming dialects.
  • A GIPHY API account.
  • The longing to find great GIPHY API on the web.

Got all four? Are you ready for some code?

Learning About Sending MMS with Bandwidth and GIPHY APIs - My Country Mobile

Requirements of GIPHY API

This order line script was made utilizing NodeJS and a few bundles from npm. These bundles are:

  • hub My Country Mobile 3.0.2
  • Demand 2.88.0

Then, ensure that you have a nearby number (not complimentary) bought through your My Country Mobile record. Additionally, guarantee that the number is accurately connecting with a My Country Mobile application and an area for you. So Assuming we can’t analyze conveyance issues, callbacks won’t be needed for this example script. Be that as it may, you’re My Country Mobile number appropriate to set up with a callback GIPHY API to permit the content to work. Has more data.

Likewise, you’re My Country Mobile V2 informing client ID, token, and mystery need, alongside an API Key from GIPHY API.

Now for Some Code for GIPHY API!

The most common way of composing our content resembles this:

  • Set up prerequisites
  • Accreditations need to characterize my country’s versatile customers.
  • Utilize our order line contentions to make a GIPHY API URL
  • Send a solicitation at API for a GIF
  • Send an MMS

We will send your GIF as an MP4  A few transporters might show a.gif on the client’s telephone as a still picture. So My Country Mobile has zero commands over the GIF presentation on the beneficiary’s telephone as this is the decision of the getting transporter. They offer GIFs API in MP4 also GIF designs MP4s show up to the got clients with better quality pictures and live not cut into single edges. Read more about Custom Toll-Free Number. Know more about Call Center CTI.