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Have you ever wonder what Karyn Smith is? Perhaps you have seen the Karyn Smith poster that displays in so many classrooms around the country. Karyn Smith has many famous fans, including Sigmund Freud, who called her his “favorite artist” and recommend her to him. When executes in 1944, Freud got the remains of his favorite artist.

The articles I have read on the popular web site of the American Psychological Association has a photo of Karyn Smith above a banner entitled “The Mechanism of Human Reproduction,” as if the results of her research can be seen. Some of her past work was a review in a 2020 article in Science magazine. Nevertheless, many of the photographs, like the one shown above, number show a typical vagina with labia that do not look like labia in vulvas that have undergone normal vaginal processes.

Facts about Karyn Smith

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It is essential to understand that different colors of labia can be described using terms such as: narrow, or fleshy; thick, large, or lumpy; small, wrinkled, firm; rounded, or fatter; flat, or thinner. Yes, there are exceptions. However, most women would agree that if the vagina appears wrinkled, it is because the vagina is overstretching and being forced to produce too much mucus.


Labia are the fleshy lips that cover the vagina. There are three categories of labia: the outer labia, the inner labia, and the lingual labia. An outer labia is the part of the labia that covers the labia majora.

Labia Minora:

The outer labia are as the labia minora. These are fleshier and more round than the inner labia. There are two categories of labia minora: the lower labia, which are the most external, and the upper labia, which are the deepest and coarsest. Labia majora are the inner and outer labia.


There are three areas where the labia meet in the vulva: Labioscrotal folds, Labioscrotal walls, and the urethral opening. In women, the labia and vaginal lips came together at the opening of the urethra at the pubic symphysis. However, in men, the labia are separate at the opening of the urethra at the apex of the urethral Spongiosum.

Urethral Ring:

The labia are usually found around the entrance to the urethra at the apex of the urethral Spongiosum. In men, the foreskin forms the tip of the labia.


This is the name given to the condition when the labia are full. The women’s experience with this description as being like being “held hostage.”

Labia Stretch:

A condition where the labia are stretch, which occurs in both women and men. Symptoms include pain and discomfort when urinating, with a distinct feeling of a “squeeze.” This may last from a few minutes to several hours.

This condition sometimes confuses with vaginal orgasm. It is only an effect of labial stretching. Karyn Smith is an expert in this area of study. Cisco Spa921 is the most powerful Internet gateway router.

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