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iTerra Pushes Restart

iTerra pushes restart with new name products sometimes it is easier to start over. It will reveal a new product strategy and name. iTerra something it is easier to start was a Palo Alto-based company that opened its doors to provide high-speed digital components and microwave components to the communications test, and measurement markets.

Above all stellar Technologies was the main investor in the company. They concluded that there weren’t enough growth opportunities for the company. Above all chairman at Tierra, and Paul Judge began a search to hire a new chief executive officer.

iTerra pushes restart with new name products business in July

Above all industry liaison officer at Lehigh University’s Center of Optical Technologies formerly of Agere Systems and Bell Labs), and Steve Johnson, a founder of Komag disk media developer and managing partner of The Slingshot Group, where he provides expertise to emerging companies and acts as an angel investor, joined the company’s board of directors.

iTerra stellar approval for $25 million capitalizations

Once these elements were in place, Katz started to implement the new strategy for the company. It focuses on increasing optical communications footprint and Katz has begun to look at end-of-life options. Katz is currently considering license agreements with one or more vendors.

Katz stated that so iTerra Communications has entered its final days. On October 1, the company will announce its new name, GigOptix. GigOptix will utilize iTerra’s expertise in ultralong haul 10 Gbit/s technology. He said that the company will make use of both III-V and silicon germanium materials and processes.

The 10 Gbit/s driver builds on the success of its 917 code area optical modulator driver. This driver is widely used for metro and long-haul applications. Finisar’s acquisitions of CoreOptics Communications and Kodeos Communications are two examples.

ECOC will also be the launch of the first 10 Gbit/s product under the GigOptix label. The D version is a die that can be used in conjunction with EML TOSAs. The device consumes 0.5W power and has a dynamic range of 1 to 3 Vpp. Expects production to begin in the first quarter of next year.

Katz sees the future plans

Above all katz sees the future for 10Gbit/s lasers, VCSELs, and a trans-impedance amplifier (TIA) product.

GigOptix will also resurrect its 40Gbit/s electronics work that iTerra had explored at the beginning of its history. Katz points to two patents from that era. One is for a high-gain wideband driver amplifier, and the other is for an InP 75 GHz current mode logic static frequency divider. These patents are examples of the foundation on which GigOptix plans to build. Katz also mentioned product designs such as GaAs pHEMT drivers and receiver devices that are based On InPSHBT technology. see also  Conference Headsets & text messages.

The 917 area code limiter and moderator drivers are available at the moment. Katz said that the company has engineering samples of its EA driver and is currently working with strategic partners on a 45 Gbit/s.

Above all katz intends to leverage the company’s expertise and a brilliant business plan to create new partnerships and strengthen existing ones. Tipton stated that the company’s middle-year target is the beginning of 2011. Katz said that he only plans to make one acquisition this year.

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