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Isdn Cug

CLIP: Calling Line Identification Demo, ISDN Aug

isdn cug CLIP — So no screening: CLIP could be altered from the caller from these boundaries of it is assigned amount distance 

CLIR: While Calling Line Identification Restriction. CLIP is suppressed. 

AOC-S: Suggestions of Charge at telephone setup time 

AOC-E: Advice of Charge in the Close of the telephone 

AOC-D: Guidance of Charge throughout the telephone 

C-D: Telephone Deflection (redirect calls whenever they’re ringing) 

SUB: Subaddressing 

isdn cug CFB: Telephone forwarding on active 

CFU: Telephone Forwarding Unconditional 

CFNR: Telephone Forwarding No Response 


CCNR: While Competition, Completion of Telephone whether Maybe Not Reachable (Computerized Callback for no response ) 

This specification defines stage 1 in the Closed User Group supplement Services. It is for the Pan European Integrate Services Digital Network (ISDN Aug). Stage One describes the service from a user’s perspective. 


 CUG (ISDN Aug) provides users with the ability to form groups to and from which access may be restrict. A particular user may belong to one or more close groups. Members of a particular closed user group can communicate between themselves but not with anyone outside the group.

isdn cug Some networks permit members of close user groups to make calls that permit by their group (e.g., Calls to emergency services These functionality and associated procedures are not included in the scope of this standard (ISDN Aug).

isdn cug The CUG (ISDN Aug) supplement service is available to all telecommunication service providers. The CUG supplement service is available to all telecommunications service providers.

If a requirement is being met (e.g., strict command, prohibition, authorize leaving liberty, or as a possibility), the text should reflect that status. Following the appropriate stage two or three standards, strict command or prohibition, authorize elision liberty or capability or possibility.

Maintain: Telephone Move

CW: While Telephone Waiting Around 

3PTY: So Three Party seminar 

isdn cug CONF: Conference call, Add on 

TP: So Final motility (permits a Final to become pumped and reconnected Though parking/ the telephone)

CUG: Closed User-group 

CCBS: So Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber ISDN Aug (Computerized callback on active) 

DDI: Immediate Dialling In 

Etc: Explicit Call Transfer (Referred called TBCT, 2BCT, ISDN Aug, Exterior Transport, Exterior Telephone Clearing). 


isdn cug LH: Line Searching 

MCID: So Malicious Call Identification, ISDN Aug

MMC: Meet-Me Seminar 

MWI: Communication Waiting Indication, ISDN Aug

So MSN: Numerous Subscriber Variety 

OCB-F: Outgoing Call Barring, Set 

OCB-UC: So Outgoing Phone with, ISDN cug Person Restricted 

TP: Final motility

So TH: While Allergic Searching 

UUS: While User to User Signalling, providers 1, 3 and 2 

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