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Is Your Phone System Safe From Outages?

Try not to let the way that your telephone(voip outage) organization has guaranteed 99.9% network uptime. And excess datacenters fool you into accepting you are secure from blackouts.

VoIP Outage

VoIP suppliers these days have either purchased pre-fabricated organizations or architected them. This guarantees that they can give solid VoIP Outage administration to every one of their clients. In addition, this incorporates repetitive organization engineering utilizing various geologically scattered servers.


There are a few genuine benefits to having more than 1 data center. You’ll have the option to encounter higher call quality because of the lower inertness and better call quality if you’re near one. The supplier can likewise reroute all voice traffic from your support of the working data center if one part goes down or then again, assuming it is obliterated.

Things being what they are, how might I guarantee that having various data centers isn’t adequate to safeguard you from blackouts? Numerous data centers don’t ensure the unwavering quality of voip outage.

Programmed failover routing – This is the genuine test for dependability

It is unsuitable for organizations that rely upon their telephones intensely to have a specialist co-op Network. And also, the Operations group reroute traffic and test everything to ensure everything is back up. When you consider it, this applies to practically all organizations.

Programmed failover steering makes a cloud voice administration profoundly dependable. However, My Country Mobile’s(MCM) Voice Cloud is intended to ensure 99.999% accessibility(voip outage). Our SIP door, additionally known by the “Uber Cluster,” is our restrictive innovation that makes this conceivable.


MCM Voice Cloud has a solid and excess “Uber Cluster.” Uber Cluster moves traffic promptly to the closest accessible data center in the unlikely case of a significant debacle(voip outage). Traffic will naturally relocate to the nearest server. And also, assuming the organization loses one of its servers inside a given data center. Clients will encounter a dropped call rather than a delayed blackout if such a disappointment happens.

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