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How The Burnside Il Works

The Burnside Il is a device invented by Dr. H.F. Gertz in 1963 and was first used by him in a trail climb. It has now become a popular tool for rock climbers and mountaineers. Burnside Il’s work improves physical attributes like strength, climbing endurance, muscular endurance, and stamina. It uses two separate devices: one part contains a mechanical device called an impeller that rotates at high speed, while the other part is an electrode. When a force can apply to the two parts, the impeller rotates.

These features of the Burnside Il help you improve your climbing endurance and help your body develop physical attributes that help you hold yourself during challenging ascents. As a result, you can improve your strength, stamina, ability to fight fatigue and prevent muscle cramps. Most importantly, it helps you protect yourself against possible falls and bruises.

Features and working:

If you don’t want to take the risks of using electrical means for protection and if you’re looking for ways to improve your climbing performance, you should get a Burnside Il. So this is the best way to be safe and protect yourself. But, first, let’s talk about the features of Burnside Il and how it works. These are the top features of the Burnside Il and help you improve your climbing endurance.


It has a two-way adjustable pulley system. The pulley system can go from low speed to high speed. So this feature allows you to use it at different rates. It is made from high-quality, lightweight materials. The entire device is weatherproof and has an easy, clean, and robust mechanism.

Burnside Il two voltage

The Burnside Il features two voltage settings: high and low voltage. It also has an emergency alarm to signal when it senses a severe problem. In addition, it can equip with a light sensor that flashes if it detects light. The Burnside Il features can be designed to reduce the risk of overheating. As a result, it provides maximum protection and good comfort simultaneously.


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It also comes with a one-year limited warranty. There are different levels of risk when you use this device. If you want to take a chance and try something new, it can recommend. However, it is still essential to be careful. Your safety comes first, and you need to have an expert check your skills and see if you are ready to use the Burnside Il. So this device is perfect for mountain climbers who have started their ascent.

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