Install Cocoapods


You are getting to Grips with Install Cocoapods to Handle dependencies from Swift and I-OS. When constructing i-OS software with Swift, you frequently utilize alternative-party libraries. CocoaPods can be a considerable instrument to take care of such library dependencies on Xcode endeavors.

Let us build a program that could exhibit the latest film taken on Mars with that NASA API using Alamofire to send out HTTP requests and SwiftyJSON to create managing JSON less complicated.

Putting in dependencies using CocoaPods

Let us get going by making an Individual View Program Xcode endeavor referred to as PicturesFromMars. Pick out Universal to your apparatus and then input anything You Would like for the Remaining parts of the areas: As a way to put in any dependencies, we will initially possess Install Cocoapods put in. Now you Can Accomplish This by opening your terminal up and entering this control: Sudo gem set up cocoa pods

Install Cocoapods talks about a document named Podfile  SMS in the same directory within an Xcode job to discover which libraries to put in manually.  You May make you by entering the following on your Final by an Identical list because of your endeavor.

Pod in-it 

Pod in-it produced a Podfile for individuals. However, we could create our very own well when picking that dependency to incorporate. The three dependencies We’re employing are Alamofire to catch a URL of a picture shot on Mars, SwiftyJSON to emphasize the answer along with AlamofireImage to load a picture in the URL. Here is a good illustration Podfile for that which we have now been building.  Copy and paste this into a Podfile:


Platform: ios,”8.0′


 Aim’PicturesFromMars’ do

    ‘Alamofire,’ ‘~’ 3.3.’

    pod’AlamofireImage’,’~’ 2.0′