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Inside Sales Software

Inside sales auto dialer, sales professionals need tools that give them an advantage. My country mobile( MCM) is an inside deals administration system that combines power dialing and deals speed – for dramatically improved outcomes. The product is easy to use right out of the box but highly customizable. There is nothing left to add.

MCM Benefits

MCM has many advantages, including:

Our power dialing program dials your leads automatically leaves voice messages prerecorded for you – without you having to pay attention to their recording. It sends personalized messages and streamlines the work process to address contacts. Reach as many as 80 people per hour.

There are no uncomfortable silences or “refer to dispensing as”: MCM, unlike prescient dialer programming and automatic dialers, is free from delays. Your contact makes a proper acquaintance. They listen to your answer. They have no idea how deals dialing is being used. PhoneBurner makes it easy for your leads to stay on the right track, which results in more productive and better conversations.

Inside sales autodialer, Live responses are more complicated: Teams struggle to get prompts to pick up the phone. More than 8 out of 10 dials are unanswered. A nearby ID could be helpful. Deal specialists can get up to four times more responses by showing a local guest ID on the beneficiary’s phone. MCM has flexible bundles that allow you to pay only for the area codes you need. One Local ID bundle can cover an entire inside outreach group.

Top highlights for deal experts:

Inside Sales Software
Inside Sales Software


MCM is more than just a dialing program. The implicit CRM helps keep contacts in touch and keeps track of contact history and notes. You can also tag, sort, and order leads to make it easier for successful dial meetings. SmartSender channels emails opened, interface clicks, connection perspectives, and that’s just the tip of it – specialists can then follow up on the perfect message at the right time.

Inside sales auto dialer Dial-in meeting investigations and screen call accounts. So You can track specialist efficiency and execution. Your group can be given prompts that are cleverly appropriate. MCM is an all-inclusive arrangement that both administrators and specialists can use. MCM can seamlessly interface with any existing CRM or programming using our designer API.

Deals, Streamlined

So Calling programming is essential for inside outreach groups. MCM provides substantial enhancements to effectiveness and trustworthiness while maintaining the authenticity of the actual call. In addition, there are no deferrals or stops.

MCM Outreach groups love people who have worked in revealing and follow-up. Our top-notch care staff will assist you in getting your business up and running quickly, with no agreements or arrangement fees. In addition, our estimating data provides more information about group records, including how to set aside half of each seat.

My Country Mobile is also Specialized in different products like Calling Cards, and International Top-Up.

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