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Indian Accent text to speech

Indian Accent text to speech

What is the Indian accent text to speech Solution?

Indian accent text to speech programming permits you to change composed texts into discourse. TTS can transmit a more conscious sound, giving moment human satisfaction utilizing IVR calls.


Benefits from Text-To-Speech Solution.

Indian accent text-to-speech applications expand your scope to clients to scale your business.

Offer Human-like Voice Quality

However, Offer an Indian-based emphasis on near-human voice to your clients.

Control your Voice

Assume responsibility for the pitch with an ideal conveyance with an Indian Accent.

Highlight and numerous dialects

TTS covers various worldwide jargon like English, Hindi, or Indian articulations.

Crusade customization

Nonetheless, You can customize the discourse or voice tweak as indicated by the item or administration and the nature of the mission.

Set Reminders/Alerts

Therefore, Send programmed updates for occasions, due dates, arrangements, and other significant data.


Adaptable evaluating choices give more noteworthy straightforwardness and command over costs.

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TextToSpeech Solutions (TTS) – Features

Pitch Control
Therefore, Control the discourse rate, volume, accentuation on text, and elocution as per setting.

Voice Quality
However, Control the volume, accents, elocution, and discourse rate.

Increment IVR Option
Thus, Add an immediately recorded voice to the IVR script and give numerous choices immediately.

Text-To-Speech (TTS) Solution Use Cases

Improved ROI
Moreover, TTS makes it simpler for organizations to impart and offer better assistance types.

Increment Brand Reach
However, Make your image heard through enhanced guest experience, individual good tidings from your district, and customized hold music.

Therefore, change your text to your ideal voice quality. Then, pick your favorite text or select the voice quality you need to robotize.

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