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Import Google Contacts in Virtual Office Desktop

Objective Importing Google contacts into Virtual Office Desktop (VOD) version 6.2 or later. Ensure you have Virtual Office Desktop v 6.2 or later mounted. In Virtual Office Desktop, go to Contacts > My Contacts. From the lowest proper of the touch list, click the Add Contacts blue button to extend the adding contacts options. Import Google Contacts in Virtual.

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at eleven.30.54 AM.Png.Select Import from Google to start authentication to the favored Google account. Alternatively, this movement also can be brought on from Settings > Contacts. Select your Google account, or click Add Another Account to feature a specific Google account. If required, input login credentials.VOD 6.2 Choose Google Account.Png.

Google account Virtual Office Desktop

Click Allow allowing VOD to get entry to your Google account.  VOD 6.2 Google Permissions.Png Confirm get right of entry to. VOD 6.2 Confirm Access.Png. When the import is entire, the imported contacts could be available in the My Contacts list, and all Google imported contacts could have a Google logo on the lowest-right of the contact icons. You can easily Refresh Google Contacts from the pinnacle of your My Contacts list. However, screen Shot 2019-08-02 at eleven.31.32 AM.Png Additional Information Google Contacts without telephone numbers aren’t imported into 8×8 Virtual Office.

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Import Google Contacts in Virtual

Mithun Bhat Import Google Contacts in Virtual Office Desktop

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Import Google Contacts in Virtual

Google Cloud Contacts

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You can best have contacts imported from one Google account at a time when the use of a G-Suite controlled account, Google touch import applies to contacts out of your personal Google Contacts list, but not out of your business Google Directory list. Also,  To permit colleagues to get entry to Google Directory contacts that are not using 8×8, the contacts of the one must be imported through the administrator at the extent of the business enterprise listing.

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