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When you’re looking for a way to save money, the last thing you want to do is Volunteer with i360. You could indeed be doing other things that could contribute to your budget – but wouldn’t it be better to invest your time and energy into one of the most popular job-search sites?

What Is the i360 Volunteer?

i360 and its volunteers aren’t paid by the hour. The company isn’t providing wages; it’s just paying its volunteer members for the time they spend answering questions and doing work. 

Most people who become i360 call members want to help out the cause. But unfortunately, the website doesn’t pay members to do as much work as they would like.


i360 will get a hold of your personal information. As long as you don’t enter any sensitive information, your information is safe.

You won’t be able to get the correct answers to your application API questions. Even if you do fill out your application on i360, you could still find a job that’s not suitable for your skills.

Application questions

i360 might let someone access your account without you knowing it. Since you’re not a part of the “staff” system, there’s a lot of potential for abuse. 

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What is the i360 Volunteer?”

The i360 Rewards Program doesn’t pay you any extra money when you become a volunteer. Instead, you’ll receive i360’s email newsletters.

It also doesn’t matter whether you found a job on i360 because you’re just supposed to be sending the newsletter.

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