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How to Upgrade or Downgrade Polycom Firmware

To improve your Polycom phone’s firmware. This guarantees a rewrite of any potentially corrupt firmware and an Upgrade or Downgrade of Polycom Firmware. It’s far updates to a presently supported.

 Private Upgrade or Downgrade Polycom Firmware

It is not to apply the firmware replace drop-down in the Polycom WebGUI. If this option, the telephone will now not obtain updates without using the “Clear Upgrade Server” alternative. The process is whole after the phone stops rebooting after the firmware improves.

How to Upgrade or Downgrade Polycom Firmware


This may additionally take 10 to 15 minutes overall time, relying on what version the smartphone is upgrading from—provision of the Phone to the Polycom Firmware Server. Obtain your telephone’s administrator password. Reboot the cellphone (from Home/Menu, select Settings > Basic > Restart).

My Cloud Polycom Firmware Upgrade

While the smartphone is booting up, press the Setup tender key. It may additionally take time for the key to appear. Enter your phone’s password, then press OK. Scroll down to pick Provisioning Server Menu on Server Type, and press Edit. Scroll the left arrow key till HTTP is chosen, then press OK.

On Server Address, press Edit. Enter the correct server code for your cellphone version. SoundPoint IP fashions: voipt2.Polycom.Com/4014. SoundPoint IP Speaker telephones: voipt2.Polycom.Com/4014. VVX models. Upgrade or Downgrade Polycom Firmware voipt2.Polycom.Com/594. If you’re running with the telephone’s physical range pad and now not an onscreen keyboard, use the subsequent:

 Private Number Should Stay Private

When you use a machine like My Country Mobile(MCM) and sign in a virtual number for the device, you could then use that number as your essential business line in preference to your quantity, which is tons greater desirable for apparent motives. Upgrade or Downgrade Polycom Firmware.

The exceptional advantage in case you want to continue taking calls at the identical smartphone keep your private wide variety personal, and whenever you’re set up your digital device to ship rings to a distinct telephone. Not to say, you can usually add extra digital phone numbers to your MCM system if you need more fantastic strains for clients to call.

Turn Your Existing Number into a Virtual Number

Many agencies will not want to get an emblem-new number; that’s completely understandable because many organizations already have a longtime number that they’ve been using for a long time, and their customers know the number. If this is the case for you, you wouldn’t need to trade your main commercial enterprise range.

Upgrade or Downgrade Polycom Firmware

And you don’t have to. As this is such a commonplace state of affairs with corporations who want to interchange to a virtual provider like MCM for all the professional capabilities but don’t want to alternate their business-wide variety, they can easily make the switch to the digital carrier without lacking a beat via porting their present type to MCM or any other digital provider.


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