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How to unlock an Optus phone

How to unlock an Optus phone ACCC has called on Australians for smaller providers to avoid the price hikes by the big three. Perhaps you want to know how Optus phones are unlocked so that you can enjoy massive data savings and the generous data inclusions provided MVNOs. It is not difficult to unlock Optus handsets, but it can seem overwhelming. So we offer a step guide, which includes both a breakdown of fees and how to disconnect from Optus.

You’re in good company if you are looking for how to unlock a postpaid Optus handset. Your phone is likely to be opened if purchased within five years. This means any SIM card can be used to insert any provider’s SIM card. Optus could lock older devices that aren’t compatible with the above steps. Optus support is available if you fail to follow the steps. Optus Postpaid smartphones can only be unlocked with a payment. Here’s where things get a little more complex. Nearly every prepaid device sold today has a locked contract with its telco. There are some exceptions, such as the iPhone SE (Telestra) that comes unlocked. Most of the time, however, your prepaid device will remain locked to that network. Optus provides a simple and free way to unlock your phone. It takes only two steps.

How to unlock an Optus phone?

To unlock an Optus cell phone, you will need an IMEI Number. An IMEI is a shorthand for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It’s a number usually of 17 digits unique to your device. It’s usually located inside the box that you received with your device. You can still find it if the box you received with your phone doesn’t work. You can also call *#06# to start and press the call key. Instead of calling, the code will display IMEI numbers. Take it with you, or write it down. Android smartphones have an additional option. Navigate to your phone’s Settings and click “About Phone,” then click “IMEI.” You must keep track of this number. This method doesn’t work on iOS users. 

Optus offers an easy way to unlock your phone. Optus’ mobile phone unlocking the website is all you need. However, you may need your credit cards to open an Optus handset. Optus 917 Area Code may usually be unlocked entirely free. Any amount less than $80 per year will not incur any fees. If this is the case, you will need to pay a price that depends on how long your service was used. The $80 fee is charged for phones for less than six months. The fee for phones for less than six months is $25. The unlocking of a tablet or mobile broadband device for more than one year is free if the tablet has been yours for at least one year.

How can I switch to another provider?

Let’s now get onto the good stuff. Now that Optus has been removed, it is time to unlock an Optus phone for some savings. According to WhistleOut’s database, 29 mobile providers are currently available for Aussies. These 29 providers use the wholesale network that also includes Optus or Vodafone. It is easy as ordering a 240 Area Code SIMcard from Telstra. Once you have the SIM card, please insert it into your newly unlocked mobile phone.

In most cases, you can keep your Optus numbers. This is done when you activate your SIM card. If you experience any problems with your SIM card activation, your new provider may be in a position to assist. Optus Wholesale MVNOs offer higher-quality plans, but it is still possible to save some money. These are Optus Wholesale’s most popular plans (both prepaid ).