How to organize an online conference


How to organize an online conference of researchers in photonics was a great success. This was a huge success, with attendees discussing the latest developments in photonics. Scientists’ meetings are still in the same format. Even though there are many online options, many academics resist the temptation of changing this model. It is possible to change the paradigm with modern teleconference tools due to the detrimental effects of academic traveling on the work-life balance and the environment. This online conference focused on innovations and optics. The participants and speakers do not need to travel. The meeting was entirely distributed. It had speakers, organizers, and attendees from six continents.

How you can organize an Internet conference

Comments from participants1,2, as well as some organisers3,4, can be found online. This article summarizes the advice and tips we have for researchers interested in hosting an Internet conference. POM’s format was very similar to other conferences. However, How to organize an online conference during the winter holiday season, the event took place on January 13, 2020. The poster session, which was held online on January 9, helped students participate. They were then available online for two weeks. This allowed us to keep the feel of conventions while also giving speakers the opportunity for unpublished results.

A well-organized, motivated team is critical for any event. These scientists are all from different countries. They work in other areas. As such, we came together with one shared vision. As it was the first such conference, photonics became the focus of the forum. Despite being in different time zones, it was vital to engage and respond to the speakers quickly.

The team Communication

As our team spread across three continents, we used asynchronous communications to coordinate the event. The University of Southern California offered technical support to help us arrange speakers from Calls different parts of the How to organize an online conference and facilitate connections between people. The final piece in the infrastructure consisted of a website where researchers could submit abstracts or register to attend. Armani designed it using WordPress.

It is hosted in the USC. You could submit abstracts or register using Google Forms/Qualtrics. Secure information, such as credit card numbers, was possible since the event wasn’t charging. POM was set up in less than three months. The majority of POM was arranged in less time than three months. Emails sent to colleagues. The Organization Committee at the Photonics Online Meetup. A map showing the locations of POM centers. (Data courtesy POM). The first step of building the program was to identify the three topics that would be covered. These topics could cover everything from fundamental optics or applied technologies. At each session, there were smaller topic boards to identify potential speakers.

Website And Video Platform

Nearly 100 abstracts received by the deadline from postdoctoral 240 Area Code and faculty scholars as well as students were submitted. Nine of these abstracts selected How to Organize an online conference oral presentation. Each track contains three tracks. In the beginning, there were concerns about the potential for fewer networking opportunities, and brainstorming and so we encouraged registration in local viewing groups, which we called POM-Hubs. This allows participants to meet up in a casual, friendly environment.

These hubs were promoted via the Internet and encouraged local coordinators to promote them. Students, postdocs, senior researchers, and students all attended the 917 Area Code talks. Many corners hosted snack or poster sessions. It was also possible to have informal conversations. How to organize an online conference example, UC-Davis hosted a POM Bingo Game. This game was shared with other participants via social networking. We were shocked that even though the meeting took place in the middle night in Australia, China, India, and other countries, it kept going at full steam. In addition, Live-tweeted photographs were available from participants so we could monitor their progress.

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