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Calling South African Numbers From The U.S

How to call South Africa from the USA!

Dialing South Africa from the United States can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to take forever! We’ve made a quick reference guide on how you should dial your number. The different area codes in South Africa can be overwhelming, but we will break them down for you. If your company does business there and wants more information on virtual phone numbers available to callers from that country or region, click here!

How can you Dial from the U.S. to South Africa?

Calling South Africa from the U.S. is not quite as simple a process as it might seem. Below we’ll cover all your needs and information that will help connect you!

Step 1. Dial the U.S. Exit Code

The first thing you need to do when calling South Africa from the U.S. is dial 011, so your phone call can leave America!

Step 2. Dial the South Africa Country Code

Next is dial 27, which is South Africa’s Country Code.

Step 3. Dial the Local South Africa Area Code

After that, dial the 2-digit area code of the region you are contacting, followed by a standard 7-digit phone number.

This is the dialing format for dialing Cape Town at a glance: 011 + 27 + XX + XXX XXXX


how to call to south africa from usa


Local Dial Codes Of South Africa 

If you are not sure about the area code for the region you are dialing, Here’s a list of dial codes:

  • Cape Town: 21
  • Vereeniging: 16
  • Johannesburg: 11
  • Pietermaritzburg: 33
  • Port Elizabeth: 41
  • Benoni: 11
  • Durban: 31
  • Bloemfontein: 51
  • Soweto: 51
  • Port Elizabeth: 41


How to Dial South Africa From Overseas

You can call South Africa from overseas using the same process as you would if calling in America. The only difference might be your country’s exit code, but some examples below help guide what number should go where!

 Dialing South Africa from India

00 – 27 – XX – XXX XXXX

Dialing South Africa from Morocco

00 – 27 – XX – XXX XXXX

Dialing South Africa from Australia

0011 – 27 – XX – XXX XXXX

Dialing South Africa from China

00 – 27 – XX – XXX XXXX

how to call to south africa from usa

How to Call South Africa From Anywhere

Make yourself accessible to your customers and prospects by ensuring they can reach you worldwide. But what if customers outside of South Africa don’t understand how to dial your business phone number? You could miss important calls from existing or potential new clients.

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