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How the Click to Call Work?

“How the click to call work?” this is the question most new telephone users ask when they discover that they cannot do what they want with their telephone. The answer to this question is quite simple, as you will find out in this article. It is indeed a feature of dialing, which enables you to place a call by just clicking the button on your telephone. With a lot of advanced technology available today, it was only a matter of time before a telephone company would figure out a way to incorporate some phone service into the telephone itself.

The dial button controls the entire process of dialing. Once the button is pressed, it will activate a sequence of signals, or “events,” which will determine whether the call is received at the end of the line or whether the call is transferred from the bar to another telephone line. A certain number of events are used for each call, and the order in which they will be used will depend on the type of telephone used. As long as the features are properly configured and set up, you can expect to receive calls within a specific amount of time, just like you would with any ordinary telephone call.

Click to Call

When you want to make a call, press the dial pad button. This button will either activate the transmission of a signal to the incoming call; or start the news of a sign to the outgoing queue. You can press the button on your dial pad to transfer your call to the currently registered line in the “forwarding directory.” You can press the button to share your call to the currently registered line in the “forwarding directory.”

If you press the button less than once, transfer your phone call to the “forwarding” line.  This feature lets you receive calls on the other lines without calling the first line. For example, the dial pad button functions are when you press the button to dial a specific number. If you do not have enough numbers in your forwarding directory, you will press the button several times; until you get the number you want.


 You will then continue receiving calls on the line without dialing the first number you want to call. In addition to saving the number you have dialed and transferring the call; to a different cable, several other features enable you to use this feature of the dial pad. Therefore, It will also allow you to enter the extension of the number that you have dialed, allowing you to call a cell phone.


If you want to continue getting calls on the line, all you have to do is press the button again. With this particular feature, you can continue to make calls without having to worry about whether; or not the number you have dialed will be in your forwarding directory. The click-to-call work feature can also help people who have trouble hearing.  Above all, Intermediary assistance calls the end-user and other third parties and introduces them to each other’s communications. see also sip & The New For Microsoft Teams Integration.

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