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Howeve Zaptel PRI cards (T100P, E100P, T400P, TE405P, TE410P) might be configured to get info (HDL-c” loved ones”) communicating (WAN modem ), in addition to HDLC Cisco configuration exactly where a number T1/E1 time slots are properly used for others and data to voice communicating.

These pages are expected to help people to talk about the experience.

You ought to utilize the station keyword Nethdlc from zaptel. conf. After conducting staff, a fresh system port is going to be generated. however, Sethdlc (or quite: set DLC-new) can enable one to restrain it.

Hint 1 ):

Cisco HDLC protocol, t-1, all 24-time  in addition, slots utilized for info length.


load zone = us

Opinion: everything works with all kernels beneath 2.4.20, then Cisco HDLC is broken up into Zaptel driver.

Sethdlc usefulness is contained in Zaptel motorist and accessible two variants — set DLC & set DLC-new, at which in fact the earliest for kernels as much as 2.4.20 and moment — to get those.

Control information HDLC frame registered trademark encapsulation method in addition, serial interface. Framing structure bit-oriented leased lines point to point connections however, synchronous serial links using a frame. Characters and checksums serial links, ip address. Encapsulation protocol Cisco routers.HDLC frames point to point protocol high-level data link control HDLC protocol address field. see also contact center.


HDLC Cisco

I used to be in a position to import and configure, however, Zaptel driver for Cisco HDLC on Linux 2.4.26, Slackware 9.1.

A vanilla 2.4.26 kernel from was utilized.

Kernel choices for Hdl-c:

Zeptel code predicated On-head CVS (June 04, 2004)


#define CONFIG_ZAPTEL_MMX /* utilised Pentium 3 router, thus allowing MMX */

paragraph #define CONFIG_HDLC

content Cisco HDLC #define CONFIG_PPP


Number WAN User Interface (T 1 )

# Place the hdlc0 port number:

sudo/ / sbin/sethdlc-1.15 hdlc0 cisco

define/ / sbin/ifconfig hdlc0 $undefined pointopoint $undefined

routing/ / sbin/route add -net $undefined netmask $undefined dev hdlc0

Carried out setup on the hdlc0 port:

# Place the gateway up:

/sbin/route include default gw $undefined netmask metric Inch dev hdlc0

Oct 6, 2004

I’ve got HDLC/Zaptel operating onto the Nuvox data/voice PRI using a T100P on Slackware 10 and Cisco HDLC

Utilizing the 2.4.26 kernel. In my opinion that my setup differs for instance, enough from the above-mentioned

All in all, rules to legitimize this increase into this Wiki.

Just like previously, these configurations are all demanded on your kernel compilation.

I utilized zaptel variation 1.0.0, also uncommented those segments in HDLC cisco config.h

Later recompiling the kernel:

if characterized (CONFIG_HDLC) || characterized (CONFIG_HDLC_MODULE)

/> #define CONFIG_ZAPATA_NET Decision /


if specified (CONFIG_HDLC) || outlined (CONFIG_HDLC_MODULE)


/> #define CONFIG_ZAPATA_NET Decision /



/> #define CONFIG_ZAPATA_PPP Decision /



/> #define CONFIG_ZAPTEL_WATCHDOG Decision /



Edit your Zapata.conf document, and also make certain you

Comprise nethdlc=(dso info stations ).

Here is mine to get for instance, that will be

configured to get a T100P & TDM400P HDLC cisco, However, having one FXS module.

Conduct staff and. Therefore, try to find some tests for glitches.

If There Aren’t Any mistakes, however, These orders must attract

Upward the own network.

This Sethdlc and also, hdlc0 cisco

Those set DLC hdlc0 fr Imi ANSI

Also, set DLC hdlc0 make One Hundred (your own Dlci Could Possibly Be a distinct variety )

Ifconfig hdlc0 upward

Ifconfig pvc0 undefined similarly, point-point undefined

course include default gateway undefined dev pvc0

I put these controls into RC. local (do not Neglect to Bring the avenues )

And place:

gateway =””

at rc.inet1.conf in the event that you’re employing Slackware such as myself.

Not so certain if this really may be actually the correct or easiest means to try it; however, it worked perfectly to me personally.

Your mileage can fluctuate.

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