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Hack My Country Mobile USafe

My Country Mobile(MCM) Team was in Usafe San Francisco to participate in DeveloperWeek Hackathon. We had the opportunity to hack with other members and saw some fantastic turns, especially in SMS. It is a great program that can perform photoshop tasks.

In addition, Chris, Queenie Harmann, and Chris met to discuss how unsafe it allows individuals to inform their family and friends about their surroundings while walking alone, riding a bike, or at any other risk. She doesn’t need to worry about subtlety or a cover since she doesn’t have anything to carry away.

What is USafe?

We met together at Coding Dojo, San Jose, CA. It is a course in programming. At that point, we collaborated on a program without benefits. We realized that we were decent because we each could complete the other’s tasks and were always eager to learn new things. After we finished the non-benefit program, USafe was founded.

Chris is a recent Computer Science student and wanted to increase his knowledge in web improvement. Queenie graduated with a BS degree in City Planning from UC Davis and was chief until she left her 9-5 job to pursue a fascinating career. Finally, Harmann is a money-mover from the University of Colorado at Boulder.


Hack USafe Server

Javascript, Angular.js, and Node.js made the hackathon possible. Express.js, MySQL. This app is versatile and was created using Swift 3 or iOS 10, both of which have the same server. When we start to think about a project, it is essential that we first discuss the issues in our daily lives and then discuss how we can improve our ability with money and time.

We also realized that USafe is a unique group of architects who are specialists and partners. Therefore, This hackathon was our first. We were all delighted with its outcome. Harmann started programming while he was still working. Harmann began looking into programming to find work and pursue a career in software engineering. Meitu is Queen’s favorite application. It allows her to remove blemishes from her selfies before uploading them to Instagram.

SMS API Application

We will soon send the beta version to the App Store. For analysis, we will also create a 2.0 structure. We are working towards 2.0. Our application will notify the emergency contact if the client fails to check themselves within the given time frame.

Clients can add anyone to their crisis contact list using the MCM SMS API. It is regardless of whether they have USafe. You can also add them to the telephone. Each mobile phone can have an SMS component. Clients can use this feature to get things moving quickly. Additionally, it can send SMS  instantly so clients would not have to abandon email.

usafe application

Application Of USafe

Respond is a fantastic tool for creating new applications and participating in hackathons. We have some smart ideas blending at the moment. Chris will need to have a time machine to consolidate his programs. Would you be able to see all the confounded estimates behind them? Harmann and Chris love safe. Clearly by 205 area code.

Above all, We are prepared and in line 100% of the time to be dequeued. It is a data structure joke. Are you interested in MCM SMS functionality for your application? Investigate our Developer Portal. My Country Mobile is also Specialized in different products like Virtual Phone Numbers, DID Numbers, Local Phone Numbers, and Business Phone Numbers. and you can also Read a VoIP And Volte Technology see also internet vandalia il

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