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The Google Docs Chat relaxation API allows you to restrain your speak software from you. So Host in substantially the same manner you can from your consumer, but an agency perspective instead of the usual 1st man you. But You may produce stations, send out messages, and query the condition of one’s Docs messaging software utilizing the tools within this relaxation API.

API Foundation URL

All of the URLs from the mentioned documentation utilize the following foundation URL:

All orders into the Programmable Speak Relaxation API function on HTTPS. Google Docs Chat doesn’t support unencrypted HTTP.

Authentication (Google Docs Chat)

HTTP requests into the Remainder API are shielded using HTTP Basic authentication such as other Relaxation APIs Supplied by My country mobile. But To find out a lot more about how My country mobile manages authentication, make sure you consult with your stability documentation. In summary, you use your My mobile country accounts SID while; your username Google Docs and your auth token while the password is used to get HTTP Basic authentication, Google Docs Chat.

Google Docs API crucial (Google Docs Chat)

It’s possible to locate your account’s SID and auth Ignore from the admin bar. Alternatively, you may even utilize API secrets and keys to authenticate relaxation API asks. But You also can take care of Google Docs API crucial pairs from the games. So You May Use the My country mobile Helper Libraries to socialize with the Programmable Speak Relaxation End Points. Because  Programmable Speak Can Be found Within the next Gen Launch assembles of those My country mobile Helper Libraries.


Below are the tools You Are Going to Be Reaching through the Remainder API:

Magnetic Speak Multimedia Messaging voice attribute includes a Relaxation API accessible through standalone API End Point. So Please consult with this Media Re-Source documentation for Additional Information, Google Docs Chat. see also doc chat.

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