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Goes Live Next Gen Businesses Communications Cloud

Goes Live Next Gen Businesses Communications Cloud Launches with BT Next-Gen Businesses Communications in Cloud loves to think we’re ahead in technology for this new age of work. So we partner with BT today to offer the new BT Cloud Phone UK customers. The BT Cloud Phone can provide customers integrated voice, web conferencing, HD video conferencing, fax, and a representative from any device, including smartphones, tablets, desk phones, PCs, and desktops. This will allow employees and businesses to be more flexible in today’s always on’ workplace.

Goes Live Next Gen Businesses Communications Cloud

BT Business customers benefit from enhanced flexibility and productivity. Business users can keep in touch while they are away with one integrated telephone number. They will also enjoy cost and time savings due to the low upfront costs and easy deployment with seamless updates. The BT Cloud Phone is powered by technology and will provide businesses of every size with a professional brand that they can easily manage across multiple offices. BT sees cloud and IP-based communications flourish as companies increasingly look to technology for ways to increase productivity, control costs, and improve flexibility. The BT Cloud Phone extends BT’s IP voice range and demonstrates its commitment to meeting all the communication needs of UK businesses.

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Goes Live Businesses Communications Cloud Why are communications in the cloud critical? In recent years, there have been many changes in the working environment. With workers constantly moving, workforces are often scattered across multiple locations. Research shows that workers are more open than ever to work outside the office. For example, 93% can work from home for part or all of the week, while 76% can travel and work while on the move. In addition, customers now expect businesses to respond to them within three hours. Therefore, a third of UK workers work over 10 hours per day to meet this expectation.

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We honor to help BT provide a turnkey solution that requires minimal upfront development and integration. We look forward to assisting BT to go to market with its BT Cloud Phone. So goes Live Businesses Communications Cloud. We also look forward to delivering outstanding products, support, service—product to BT and their customers. see also 3g gateway.

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The BT Cloud Phone will become available today through BT Local Business. Goes Live Businesses Communications Cloud It is a network compris of independent BT Businesses across the UK. In addition, BT Business Sales has dedicated telesales calls centers. Solutions are also available as stand-alone services. To learn more about the Office solution that combines voice, web conferencing, and HD video meetings. Fax into a single, unified platform in the cloud, visit.