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Global VoIP Training School Chooses MCM SIP

The SIP School Certified Associate is the prevailing norm for SIP affirmation and preparation. It has helped many individuals in the telecom business to help clients, items, and administrations. Understudies planning to become SIP School Certified Associate(r) were shown in their first meeting how to make a SIP account. Today, the SIP School reported another choice: working with My Country Mobile(MCM) to give their SIP specialist co-op. They influence the MCMAPI to arrange for every understudy a SIP account on

SIP School Certified Associate administrations

Burglarize Wolpov (President of MCM) expressed that they are eager to offer MCM administrations at The SIP School’s space MCM provides a facilitated telephone administration that is venture grade for organizations. In any case, it is a profoundly SIP School Certified Associate adaptable SIP stage that upholds constant correspondence using Internet areas. MCM accounts are available to all. They offer accessible SIP locations and SIP area facilitating. You can likewise involve your site for SIP calls. We are glad to help The SIP School prepare more individuals about the advantages of SIP later on.



MCM began SIP space facilitating to urge clients to smooth out interchanges and work on their corporate marking. So, They made SIP addresses for representatives who match their email addresses. However, Clients can utilize the MCM to incorporate SIP address provisioning in their administration contributions, very much like The SIP School.

Graham Francis, CEO of the SIP School, expressed that MCM offered incredible help and needed to make it accessible to understudies. As a result, we have provisioned thousands more understudy accounts through the MCM API. Each new understudy who pursues preparation will naturally get their new SIP account through the API. Above all, MCM was great assistance that made this conceivable. We strongly suggest it. In addition, offers SIP administrations as well as business telephone administrations.

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About MCM

Intersection Networks has served north of 10,000 clients and innovates in giving business VoIP administrations to small and medium-sized organizations. Therefore, Intersection Networks’ MCM is a dependable and natural business telephone administration SIP School Certified Associate that uses the Internet. Moreover, it is accessible to organizations with five to 100 representatives.

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