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“Would it be a good idea to support G722?”

It’s a classic song that we all have heard at least once. In addition, people find G722 wideband sound codes to be a tremendous source of motivation since voice correspondences can sometimes be more precise.

My Country Mobile does not maintain the G722 decoder. There are several reasons. My Country Mobile is an association highlighting PSTN, so it doesn’t help G722. Let me clarify.

Let me begin by explaining the relationship between G722, G.711, and G.729 narrowband codecs and modernized voice transmission.

The recurrence range for human voices is 80Hz – 14kHz. The content for sound correspondence via the telephone network is 300Hz – 3.4kHz, 4kHz counting watch gatherings, and somewhere between 300Hz – 3kHz. Voice sounds can be transmitted to the PSTN by phone systems.

PSTN Works About Network Communication

G. The telephone network communicates 711 sound codes and G.729 sound codes. These codes were created to transmit sound at 4kHz. G722 encodes sound 8khz, all things being equal.

This is astonishing compared to VoIP networks that do not rely on pressure. This makes it easier for people to distinguish between the consonants and clues, such as ‘for. Unfortunately, voip g722 is an undesirable sound, which emits poor quality.


10-6-1 (1)

My Country Mobile does not maintain G722 vs. g729 full because the telephone network is equipped to handle it. It is also difficult to guarantee that a retraction will reach the PSTN if it goes net. Therefore, quality cannot be guaranteed.

G722 will not be transcoded to 8khz from G722 until the PSTN compensate for some recent setback and support 8khz sound from start to end. Each of these core interests in understanding quality can undermine the quality of the 216 area code. Therefore, My Country Mobile seeks to eliminate weak areas by avoiding the sound way.

T-Mobile and other carriers may offer wideband assistance now, but narrowband codecs will continue to be the norm. G722 is supported locally, allowing wideband sound from beginning to end. If we were to dissent, we would need to block call sound and eventually give a lower quality sound to PSTN. We don’t want to make you think twice about the nature of your calls so that we won’t allow or coordinate G722 vs. law calls with wideband sound.

The pulse code modulated HD voip and audio signal 16 kHz sampling, 56 and 64 kbit high-quality sampling rate g.722.1 and g.722.2 speech quality wideband codecs. And audio coding itu t standard 48 56 and 64 wideband audio codec bit rate g.722 codecs, khz wideband 64 kbps video conferencing 14 bits. see also dialer.

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