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FoIP Fax Machine

Are customers still dependent on old technology (fax, dial-up internet)? Please encourage them to explore Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP). They can still fax documents to colleagues or clients, but they won’t have to use long-distance telephone lines and will not be subject to the same issues as traditional faxing. Although new technology may initially scare customers away, explaining its purpose and workings will help them overcome their fears. Here are some ways to explain to your customers what Fax over IP means:

What is FoIP?

FoIP involves VoIP innovation for faxing records to conventional fax machines. Faxing can occur through programming downloaded to a PC or a traditional fax apparatus that utilizes a door to interface phone lines to the web. The beneficiary gets the fax following the shipper has faxed the report. On the off chance that they use FoIP programming, it will be accessible on their PC or fax machine.

How FoIP works

Clients might require a more itemized clarification of how FoIP functions for them. Even though you might appreciate geeking out regarding this stuff, however much we do, it is simpler to clarify that a conventional simple fax machine communicates data through a circuit. FoIP utilizes advanced innovation to change the record into stacks of info sent over the web in a nonstop stream.

Reliability of FoIP

foip fax machine

Often criticizing FoIP for being less solid because it relies on a bundle exchanged organization. FoIP archives may have been damaged, lost, or deleted before. If the organization’s timing isn’t correct or a bundle is lost, the fax transmission doesn’t work.

Assuming your client has a great deal of web data transmission. FoIP likewise utilizes blunder remedy conventions to limit parcel misfortune. As a result, FoIP innovation will improve and be more helpful for clients.


Your customers will be able to use FoIP to streamline their communication technology. FoIP will allow them to connect through one network instead of communicating with customers via two different systems, the internet, and phone lines. As a result, FoIP will enable them to avoid expensive long-distance fees and lower their costs. In addition, they will be able to fax from any device they choose. see also software

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