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Delete Old Voicemail Messages

Delete Old Voicemail Messages

Vmspool_manager can be an open-source tool for handling your voicemail spool deleting old voicemail messages. So You were composed in a simple to see Perl and examined with Different variations Asteriskisk. Routinerenumbersers voicemail files, later deleting older voicemails. Nearly every alternative is controllable in your control line; therefore that it’s easy to make use of as a portion of a few automatic nightly upkeep.

VMSPOOL Supervisor

New attributes (by July 18, 2007)

Report style is the default — merely states that which _could _ have already been achieved in case busy.

Establish theVarietyy of times by the control line, delete old voicemail messages

The choice to run on a single box Rather than the Entire lineup

Access it, exploit it, delete old voicemail messages

Only visit and download the script.

Operate it into accounts manner till You get the Idea about What it’ll do

So Lastly, Operate it to get actual by including the –trigger flag.

Taken to you personally by F-2 Incorporated, delete old voicemail messages

So Please get Judith Lebzelter from to your own comments and queries.

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Asterisk Voicemail

So asterisk Voice-mail ager shell scripts, delete old voicemail messages

Here’s the origin code: how the connection Looks Damaged:

text tree

#! / / usr/bin/Perl use stringent; # 1 2007 Jay Allen # the software is free software package; you could redistribute it or change # it under the conditions of the GNU General Public License as published by the completely free Software Foundation; possibly variant 3 of this License, or (at your option) any later edition. # This software is distributed in the hope it will be helpful, # but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; minus even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS for a specific PURPOSE. So Watch the GNU General Public License for Additional Information, delete old voicemail messages

delete old voicemail messages GNU General Public License

# You must Have Gotten a copy of the GNU General Public License # along with the particular program. Otherwise, visit. # 4 Writer: Jay D. Allen # 5 model: 1.4 – July 2007 # 1. Publish any rancid .lock* data files. Stale is thought as time/time Mo-Re Number a couple of minutes older (possibly 30minutes to Asteriskafe and sound )? Research the origin of these stake lock data files? Imagine variants of Asterisk have been now affected? # 1 insect! .locked mailboxes _softly _ shed Word files. Hint two.

Eliminate Word files old compared to an insurance plan date 3. Quite possibly aVariety style that only shows the age of this mail/boxes however, does practically nothing. Report on a variety of messages eaRenumberven versus off-peak maximum # send out whiny mails to end-users around VoIP quota. Hint 4. Re-number parcels which are lost msg0001.X – considering that this coAsteriskt # 1. =head1, That really is an utility that does a few tests orenumberingsterisk encoded documents and deletes older lock data files and emails merenumberingete

old voicemail messageAsterisknt renumbering

That really is run onto something which isn’t used because the document renumbering and deleting files that Asterisk can possibly obtain at an identical moment. =head1 Possibilities –busy: Run-in busy manner, replicating documents. Default would always be to report –era =” <#>: Time following that the note is deemed older nowadays. Default is a week or two. –awful: delete old voicemail messages

So Eliminate files which don’t need the predicted variety of data files. –circumstance =: ” The circumstance of Asterisk, place to’default option’ from defaultoption. –Change: Debug style. –category =: Identify of category, default option is”asterisk” –assist: message. –mailbox=<#>: operate to get a specific mailbox. –bolt : So Establish to road to email spool. Default is”/ / var/spool/asterisk/voice-mail” –consumer : Title of default option is”asterisk” =head1 use: To delete data files within thirty weeks . Additionally remove lock files that are bad. fixup-voicemail. Perl –era =thirty –busy head1 FUNCTIONS =cut use Getopt::Long; utilize Pod::Usage; our $DEBUG=0; our $REPORT=1 ); # 2 voice-mail consumer our $VM_USER=”asterisk”; # voice-mail team our $VM_GROUP=”asterisk”;delete old voicemail messages.

Sane defaults

So # Sane defaults for Trixbox our $VM_CONTEXT=”default”; our $VM_SPOOL=”/var/spool/asterisk/voice-mail”; # 1 Developer’s box #our $VM_SPOOL=”/home/judith/ast-runtime-1.2.14/var/spool/asterisk/voice-mail”; our $MAX_AGE=14; # 2 times our $MAX_LOCK_AGE=thirty; As # 5 min our $5 VMDIR; SO  # 5 Here is actually the listing take care of our @SUFFIXES=-LRB-“WAV”,”gsm”,”txt”,”wav”); our @MAILBOX_TYPES=-LRB-“aged”,”in box”); As our £ lively = undef; our $undesirable = undef; While our $assist = undef; our $ONE_MAILBOX = undef; my $response = GetOptions (“busy” => \$lively,”era =Id” => \$MAX_AGE, # numerical”undesirable” => \$poor, delete old voicemail messages

# series”circumstance =s” => \$VM_CONTEXT, # series”debug” => \$DEBUG, # flag”category =s” => \$VM_GROUP, # series”assist” => \$assist, # flag”mail =Id” => \$ONE_MAILBOX, # flag”bolt =s” => \$VM_SPOOL,”user=s” => \$VM_USER) or pod2usage(two ); ## Parse options and print usage if there’s really a syntax mistake, ## or if usage was explicitly ask. Pod2usage(1 ) ) when $assist; our $ $ VM_SPOOL_PATH=”$VM_SPOOL/$VM_CONTEXT”; when ($lively )undefined #delete old voicemail messages

862 Area Code Orange

principal script

So Here is your principal script. # 2 Get a set of most of the voice-mail directory within this circumstance opendir(VMDIR,$VM_SPOOL_PATH) || expire”Can not start VM_SPOOL_PATH\n”; my @mailboxes = grep undefined readdir(VMDIR);

should ($ONE_MAILBOX)undefined for each my inbox (@mailboxes)undefined closedir VMDIR; =head2 delete_old_messages Delete the components of this directory that is pass. =cut sub delete_old_messages undefine=head2 check_message_files Verify there really are the ideal multitude of messages utilizing a variety of SUFFIXES. Publish’lousy’ messages when in a busy manner. =cut subrenumberssage_filesundefined =head2 Re-number Asterisk Desires a Note ‘msg0000.XXX’ in every renumberto Work delete old voicemail messages.

So This purpose will prorenumbernumber the smallest number of material into msg0000.XXX when someone will not exist. =cut sub renumber undefined =head2 rename_first_message This role will probably re-number the message into msg0000.XXX.

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