Top 10 Customer Service Tips

Top 10 Customer Service Tips

Top 10 Customer Service Tips Comcast customer retention agent showed the world recently how not to speak with customers on the phone. The recorded conversation between Comcast customer representatives and customers went viral due to many unhappy customer service calls. It is a well-known fact that misery loves company. Although it is possible to create a positive customer experience via the phone, there are no magical tricks. However, it requires patience, empathy, and common sense. Here are ten tips I have for customer service that will make you shine during a call.

Top 10 Customer Service Tips

Listen attentively. It’s easy for us to glance at our email amid customer Top 10 Customer Service Tips. Don’t. If you don’t pay attention, subtleties such as a shift in the tone or voice of the customer could be missed. Additionally, callers with more experience may sense your lack of interest. Avoid answering a customer’s questions with an “I don’t remember.” If that’s true, don’t give a guess. Instead, be open about the fact that you are unable to answer the question. But quickly add that your team will search for the answer as soon as possible. Give the customer the option of contacting you by phone, email, or text. On a sales call, don’t push. Prospects, customers, and other callers dislike being Top 10 Customer Service Tips on sales calls. The “soft” sales are more effective. Aim to make a sale by sharing any information you might need.

Treat every call like it’s being tracked. Larger companies, in particular, may selectively Top 10 Customer Service Tips record customer service representative calls to help with quality control. This allows service reps to give customers the best service. Even if you don’t monitor calls for your company, treat the customer over the phone as though they are being recorded. Don’t give in to anger. It is not a good idea to upset an angry customer. Don’t get mad if a customer calls complaining—practice empathy. Don’t take it personally. Offer to do all you can to satisfy the customer. If the caller continues being abusive, escalate to a supervisor. see also Turkey virtual Phone Provider.


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