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Connected Car Platform

Connected Car Platform to overcome the pressure of the associated answers, you can produce a car utopia. The car business focuses on the vehicle network to improve driver and passenger experience, work cycles, and impart knowledge. Therefore, the availability of vehicles is quickly becoming an ‘absolute necessity. However, this has also created new problems and snags such as meeting cost goals, dealing in various network arrangements, guaranteeing reliable inclusion, etc. My Country Mobile MOVE(, Intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform, abstracts all this complexity to provide you with an integrated point of interaction that allows you to control, monitor, and understand the current generally on the world.

Connected Car Platform Network execution

The availability of vehicle makers is essential. However, this can present challenges such as the onboarding and incorporation in different geographies of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), checking network execution and effectiveness, cost targets, and productivity. The My Country Mobile MOVE, Intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform, provides you with the best perceivability. Connected Car Platform allows you to monitor, control, and oversee different MNO stages and points.

Car Platform wise network

My Country Mobile offers more insight into the associated automobile arrangements. However, this gives us a unique approach to resolving availability issues. These models include guaranteeing essential availability in the event of network blackouts, meeting local availability requirements, and monitoring QoS in noman’s land. So, Connected Car Platform will help to protect your business from terrible client experiences and reputational damage by allowing you to manage traffic switching between organizations, taking into account cost goals, network quality, and availability requirements.

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Advancement in Programming Over-the-Air (SOTA).

The global car network is expanding rapidly, and Over-the-Air refreshes also receive increasing attention. SOTA refreshes offer vehicle producers a significant cost-saving and administrative opportunity. However, Connected Car Platforms are still practical challenges to overcome, particularly security and network. My Country Mobile Intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform performs a pre-update wellness check of the network and an insightful calculation that determines the best availability partner for SOTA refreshes. Hence, the Connected Car Platform ensures a simplified expense for SOTA renewals. In addition, it makes use of the adaptability provided by our global 231 areacode MNO organizations and AI-based car profiling to identify the best window for SOTA refreshing.

Benefits for businesses

Create a global availability impression and browse multiple MNOs from different topographies. Switch network traffic whenever and wherever it is needed 24×7 quality monitoring to ensure maximum availability. You can avoid a bad client experience by maintaining essential availability during network outages. Reduce the time it takes to bring your vehicle to the nearest showroom for a review. Create new income streams by giving clients the chance to purchase redesigns and add value administrations. Enhance the driver experience by performing SOTA refreshes. However, the Connected Car Platform allows increased vehicle eco-friendliness and ensures state-of-the-art administrations such as refreshed route applications.

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