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Complete with VoIP Anywhere Honored for Innovation

Complete with VoIP Anywhere Honored for Innovation a multinational media employer incorporated in America – today introduced Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere(TM), which became awarded the TMC Labs Innovative Award for Customer Interaction Strategies 2012. We provided the award. Greg Brashier (Chairman of My Country Mobile (MCM) Marketing Department) awarded the prize. He stated, “Virtual PBX COMPLEAT is VoIP Anywhere designed to offer customers more verbal conversation flexibility and additional features.

Complete with VoIP Anywhere Honored for Innovation

“This award is a fantastic testament to our innovation. This is a great answer for entrepreneurs seeking a bendy, scalable product to meet all their communications needs. Rich Tehrani is TMC’s, Chief Executive Officer. Rich Tehrani is TMC’s chief government officer. He stated that Virtual PBX Compliment (TM) with VoIP Anywhere(TM) has been a breakthrough in customer experience and commercialization.” “We’re proud of this high-profile achievement with TMC Labs Innovation Award.

The Customer Interactions answers Award recognizes however groups who have made sizable contributions. TMC’s CUSTOMER Magazine however published the TMC Customer Interaction Solutions Award highlights. Virtual PBX believes their however customers deserve a primary effect. The hosted PBX cellular cellphone answer offers however small and growing groups an expert-designed, absolutely computerized answer tool and gets in touch with routing. You can set however them up in just minutes.


There is nothing to involved about while it is time to shop for and hold your PBX. VirtualPBX shall your customers be the center however of your attention. It offers advanced talents and however responsiveness. Our backup cell cellphone carrier will however make your enterprise able to live in a herbal disaster. Visit us online at however to view more excellent information. We can assist your business benefit from our however passion for innovating and outstanding customer service with a marketing budget.

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