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Comparing VoIP Service Providers

Comparison of VoIP Service Providers

The switch to VoIP is easy, and with so many benefits, it’s not hard why businesses continue this. Hosted phone systems are an excellent way for businesses and organizations to save money on their VoIP needs, with many calling features available at a fraction of the cost. However, choosing the right provider can seem impossible when you’re just starting with voice-over IP. VoIP service providers are an excellent way to offer your business phone system. 8×8, Vonage business, and ring central all have great features that will meet the needs of any company.


8×8’s hosted business phone system is a great solution for companies who want to offload their communications tasks. The cloud-based platform offers many features and benefits, including call tracking tools so you can view the status of each conversation in real time!


8×8 has a range of features that are designed for your business needs. 8X-treme services include everything from conferencing to team collaboration so that you can work smarter. They offer a wide range of services tailored to suit your needs and requirements. 

You can have an organized and efficient sales team with a hosted phone system from this VoIP provider. In addition, it will be easy to track your calls in real-time with the integration of CRMs like Salesforce or Zendesk and emails via Outlook!


8×8 has two pricing plans for customers, Virtual Office and its more expensive counterpart -Virtual office pro. The two options for the plugin depend on what specific features you’ll receive at each tier. Unlike many providers, 8×8 provides almost every feature with the basic Virtual Office plan. If you choose the other plan, which is Virtual office pro: With Virtual Office Pro Plan, you’ll get extra perks, including web conferencing with video and Internet faxing. You can also call recording to ensure your calls are always on point!

VoIP is the future of voice communications. You can also choose from three different plans. 

Metered Extension

This plan is perfect for people who need to make many calls in a short period. It comes with unlimited incoming and outgoing phone numbers and 250 minutes of outgoing calls in the US or Canada! The rate is about 3 cents a minute when you use your pre-paid minutes.

Limitless Extension

The 8×8 notes plan is great for those who need to make calls across many countries. It provides unlimited calling in the US, Canada, and more! The value of this offer is vast. You’ll receive unlimited minutes to and from 8×8 numbers. Want to have all the features that you need? Upgrade your account and get Internet Fax, Call recording as well!

Worldwide Extension

Why not get both? With our 8×8 Global Extension plan, you can have unlimited calls to select international locations AND enjoy all the benefits of an Express plan. 8×8’s sales team is the best resource for determining specific pricing in advance. Unfortunately, they don’t publish basic information on their website.


When you need to grow your business, Vonage offers the perfect solution. With their cloud-based system for managing communication and phone needs at any size enterprise – small or large-scale operations will be able to meet all of their demands easily.


Vonage Business is the perfect solution for businesses that must communicate with multiple people simultaneously. There’s no more waiting around with features like call hold and the virtual receptionist! But they also offer premium features such as call monitoring and paperless fax.


Do you need a new phone system? We can help! Our plans start at just $4.99 per month. Vonage has a plan for any size business, no matter your needs. The company offers features you can add as you need them, and their pricing is straightforward, so it’s easy to figure out whether this would work in terms of cost. This “Self Plan” is $4.99 per month/per line.


It has a premium product called Ring Central Office, a cloud-based phone system for business with features that include call forwarding and voice mail, so your customers can stay connected no matter what. In addition, the company promises a quick and easy installation process and mobile-enabled phones for your convenience.


Ring Central is the ultimate office solution for your company with features like an auto-receptionist, call monitoring, and music on hold. In addition, ring Central offers various integrations that allow you to connect the business tools you use daily with your phone system.

While the features and integrations that come standard on your system depend on which plan you choose.


It starts from $4.99 per month. It is based on features you require, calling minutes, and amount of users you want on conferencing features.

Get the Right VOIP Service Providers for your Business

We all know how important it is to do your research and find the best fit for you. You can’t just go with anyone because each provider offers unique features that may be perfect or not what they’re cracked up to! If you think your business could benefit from VoIP, then it’s important to understand exactly what those benefits are.

There are three questions you must be aware of while comparing service providers, and they are:

  • What is the number of employees who regularly uses their phones?
  • Which are the essential features for your daily operations?
  • Which are the calling features you need on your wish list?
  • What are your calling habits? Inbound, outbound, or both.

Once you know what questions to ask, it should be easy for anyone interested in finding the best plan possible.

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