Cold Calling Gatekeeper Script


Getting past the gatekeeper scripts Assume that you have at any time been offered an exciting new opportunity and can’t move beyond your associate.

For any salesman, this is a fact. It’s frustrating – you are so close to getting in the entranceway, but up to this point. This is a battle between security guards and sales assistants that has been going on for a while.

Greg Woodward is a businessman and corporate planner. His ability to outbound is appreciated by many people in the fastest-developing organizations and largest private value firms.

As of late, our group at My country mobile(MCM) worked with Greg during his 6-week Outbound Accelerator Program(TM). I’m eager to share some of the things we discovered.

He is getting past the gatekeeper scripts. Greg explains how to end the struggle between Executive Assistants and agents (EAs) in this short meeting. But unfortunately, he uses content that turns guards into wild supporters.

Q: What are some common problems you see people encounter when making hard decisions about C-suite prospects and organization owners?


A: Reps often view C-suite executives with EAs as a hindrance rather than an asset. EAs are meant to facilitate communication between the world and the possibility. That is the outlook that reps should have.

If you make it easier for the EAs to work, they will make special efforts to assist you.

Q: What is the worst thing people do when talking to EAs?

A: They will sound more like everyone else than they do to an undeniable degree. You need to show “radical differences.”

Since my days as an M&A expert, I have, in a sense, made this decision multiple times. The C-suite was where we expected our discussions to take place. As with all people, if you have enough conversations with them, you will see what they consider unsurprising. Watchmen can detect unexpected examples in a matter of seconds. As a rep, you want to show the exact opposite of what is expected.

Q: Please tell me more about this radical difference idea. What does it mean for this particular issue?

A: To begin with, think that it is easier to alter a negative discernment than create a positive one.

This is why extraordinary differences can be made in situations with negative discernment. Consider what is irritating about a person or object. If you can break it down, it will be a common reiteration. Ask yourself, what is it that an EA might find surprising about receiving cold pitches? It could be a deterrent or a fighting match they have to go through every time someone brings in an email asking for the manager’s address. These things are essential, and we need to show the complete opposite of what is expected.

Q: How do you work with receptionists and aides?

A: Three rules work admirably in this situation. They are “significant clarity”, “extreme differentiation” or “installed unobtrusive politeness”.

Getting past the gatekeeper scripts To illustrate, you should give your full name at the beginning of the call using a resonance. This will tell the associate that your supervisor does not know your identity. This will prevent you from triggering waiting questions in your associate’s brain, and it allows you to move on to the next piece of the call without any obstruction. Next, give the aide a mental image of your ring, including why you are calling, and then inquire if they have time to speak with you. This is all done in the first few minutes of the call. It may sound like this.

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Jane Doe’s Office, Donna speaking.

ME: Hello Donna, I’m Greg Woodward, a Woodward Strategies specialist based in DC. I am simply calling to make a request. Do you have a minute?

Collaborator: Does Jane have a moment?

ME: You’re OK, it’s OK… can you please wait a minute?

getting past the gatekeeper scripts

Right hand

In the present, you will notice that I did not quickly pitch or perform what I do. I am merely stating that I am a DC-based specialist. Everyone can quickly create a mental picture of the advisor in DC. It is important not to start asking questions during this stage. This is the crucial lucidity guideline (for instance, a psychological picture related to something essential or recognizable).

To set the scene and remove an obstruction, I explained that I was calling to ask a question, and then I wondered if she had a minute. This is the hidden kindness that I insert with extreme distinction. The vast majority of people calling will ask if their manager has a minute.

Getting past the gatekeeper scripts To keep breaking the example of a guard’s expectation, I will use extreme differentiation once more during the call. This may sound like this:

ME: OK, so we have this letter we want to send Jane Doe regarding an improvement association our association is establishing with an organization in your area. Jane can review the letter and decide if she would be interested in talking to me about it.

Despite having done all that first, the right hand is beginning to see an expected example in the call. The next stage will be me asking for the manager’s email address. This will lead me into a fighting match when she tells me she can’t. So let’s get back to the call.

ME: Could you send that to me?

Associate: Yes, that’s possible. My email is ______

ME: That sounds great, Donna. Thank you. Would you mind if I returned to you in a few days to see if Jane has had an opportunity to investigate?

Partner: That is OK.

Notice how I broke off the expected example by saying, “I’m considering whether that is something you can send over,” and then quickly asking for consent to follow up. If you do this correctly, you won’t get the “we’ll let you know whether you are intrigued” response. These standards are applied to your content, and security guards will most often go along. Surprisingly, they’ll make an effort to lift your correspondence with the possibility.

Getting past the gatekeeper scripts, EAs can look better by reevaluating how they draw in sales assistants with EAs. This will allow them to go from being security guards to advocates. Greg can trust me as an EA who was once a salesman.

So You can put forth extra energy to share your pitch with someone who invests in a chance to esteem you and like you.

getting past the gatekeeper scripts

EAs can also be called upon to provide character references, so a friendly word from them is a must. You are much more likely to make that cold lead smile with a warm introduction by the EA.

Here’s a glimpse of some of Greg’s techniques with our group. In addition, you can view Greg’s profile. Finally, you can also watch his talk at SES, which explains his thoughts to us.

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