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Coach Hub Customer Story

Coach Hub Customer Story The perfect solution to help your managers be more effective and incentivized. Introduction CoachHub’s global team includes more than 2,500+ professionals certified in business from 60 different countries. These coaches are located across six continents, offering coaching sessions in more than 50 other languages. In addition, CoachHub recognized the need to provide a call center solution to streamline all aspects of its services. Michael ZeitlinCoachHub: LeadMichael is the Head of CoachHub’s Team. My Country Mobile (MCM) In addition, he is often found in the GTM Strategy, where he works with the CS team.CoachHub’s favorite features, are a love to help customers grow, and would you like to be a part of this success train with them?

Coach Hub Customer Story

ChallengeCoachHub’s vision is clear. The company was established as a personal coach and business consultant. It was a challenge for the entire team. But, CoachHub was ready and willing to tackle the challenge. Customer Story So CoachHub searched for a communications system that would allow them to offer their services from any location. CoachHub Team had heard great things about cloud-based phone centers. But, it needed to be able to scale internationally. CoachHub was determined to offer a service that allows them to make and get calls from any place.

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Due to its many integrations, took only 3,680+ minutes to make outbound calls and 7,280+ for inbound calls. Coach Hub Customer Story These calls took over 3,680+ minutes to complete. Above all, International telephone number: CoachHub can now increase its global service by acquiring international numbers. Coach Hub Customer Story Phone numbers are available with non-geographic codes or geocodes from more than 140 countries. Integration with Hubspot. Integration with Hubspot can prove to be a necessity for CoachHub. This includes all calls. Notes. Contacts. Recordings. Tags. Additionally, you can sync all the tickets and deals you have with connections. This will reduce your time spent.

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These powerful features have helped CoachHub rise to new heights.

Above all, Integration with Zendesk Service Desk: CoachHub understands how important it is to provide excellent customer service. Therefore, cloud talk integration was a great bonus. Coach Hub Customer Story CoachHub can now see all Zendesk customer call history, including tags and sentiment ratings. Zendesk also records each inbound and outbound call as an individual ticket. Above all, supports team members with easy access to recordings from Zendesk’s customer profile to view call recordings.

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