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Cmd Flags

A-MA = Automatic Communication Enforcement, Cmd Flags


SetAMAFlags( Asterisk charging am flagged)

Assessing the station A-MA Flags for charging goals. All these flags will probably be kept from the CDR. Overrides virtually any placing in station config.

Otherwise, place then that can default Cmd Flags

Allowed Asterisk charging am flagged worth:

Default option: Sets the machine default option; writes on a’3′ to your CD-R

omit: Tend not to list forecasts (dismiss ); writes a’Inch’ to your CD-R

charging: Mark the entrance for charging; writes a two’ to your CD-R

documentation: Mark the entrance for documentation; writes a’3′ to your CD-R

Billing flags are likewise available Asterisk charging am flagged.

Background information

Customarily the voice handling and generating of cd-rs was proven from america as automatic  concept Accounting or even A-MA, ” a system which extends right back into the 1940s. Yet now, number of trades to be use in United States create Cd-rs from Bellcore AMA Format or even BAF. see also call rail.