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ChatOps Has A 9-Minute Uptime

Your administration’s availability is crucial to your business and your client’s success. Your administration will eventually go down regardless of how disciplined, repetitive, or tested you are. The DevOps team tries to overcome the odds and resolve the issue as quickly as possible – tools integrated into chatops.

My Country Mobile is always looking for new ways to improve our uptime and cycles. ChatOps was also able to do precisely that. This post will show you how ChatOps can help increase your administration’s availability by adding 9 to it. ChatOps is a term created by GitHub. It allows you to manage specialized and business activities in a group talk room. Slack and HipChat are just a few of the many technological tools programming groups use. These talk applications, along with a few additional products, can be an exceptional instrument to increase your administration’s uptime – tools integrated into chatops.

There are four phases to an outage – ChatOps

A blackout of assistance can be broken down into four phases: detection, reaction, and analysis. The goal is to detect, analyze, analyze, and act on it. Let’s look at each stage to see how ChatOps can assist each step.


Your checking is the key to the identification stage. It is essential to quickly identify a site problem and then advise the best people to respond, analyze, and fix it.

ChatOps helps the site with staging by quickly advising the right people. First, create a room to observe cautions and invite all the right people. Then, send alerts to the chat room to coordinate your checking apparatuses. My Country Mobile’s Communications API group watches the caution messages sent off the sling channel using the Slack Email extension. The room members can decide how to be notified when messages arrive.


The reaction stage refers to the time between the moment the blackout was identified and when someone can begin investigating the matter. ChatOps can reduce the response time by using the checking caution area. This is because ChatOps will notify the people in the room via their phones whenever they are located. ChatOps can help colleagues investigate the issue in the chat room. They can also create appropriate orders for a chatbot. Visit bots are custom extras that respond to your requests. It is part of the Communications API group – tools integrated into chatops.

All members of the group, even non-engineers, can enter “chatbot wellbeing” to the alert room and receive the condition of north 100 cautions. Talk bots significantly reduce reaction time as colleagues can respond using the visit application on the telephone from any location. There is no need to rush home from the cafe to get a computer to respond to a warning.


The site investigation and finding stage are required to resolve the problem. However, this does not exclude the possibility of resolving the issue. This is the most common time a site goes black.

ChatOps can reduce the discovery stage by using a custom visit bot that automates analysis. Your custom visit bot will also inquire about different frameworks to examine measurements to determine what’s happening. For example, you can ask AWS CloudWatch, run SumoLogic questions over your logs and launch an outside observation test on your REST-AP from a single visit bot order.


This is the stage where you need to apply, not in a set order in the final step. Because you are changing the live site, this stage is the most vulnerable to a blackout. The blackout can be aggravated if you make a mistake during the goal stage. The slip-ups from manual advances can be avoided by automating standard goal steps. For example, you can speed up the goal stage by adding visit bot orders to common goal steps such as restarting administrations, moving back sends, or whatever is OK for your administration.

tools integrated into chatops

Extra Benefits – ChatOps

ChatOps offers additional benefits. ChatOps has other benefits for those who are responsible for responding to blackouts. One Friday night, an alert triggered, and I could choose whether it was temporary or permanent from my chair at a cafe via my phone. Before ChatOps, I would have had to rush home to get a computer. ChatOps can be used to help everyone understand the blackout. Individuals who sign up later can quickly get up to speed through the string in our visit room.

A third way to reorganize the main driver examination timetable is to create a group talk space for cautions. In a sense, it is reordering the talk room. There were specific instances when cautions were terminated. Who reacted, and what was done to analyze the situation and resolve it. Before doing this, we had to review emails strings, course of events, reviews, and execute orders to determine the blackout. ChatOps allows us to do RCA one-stop shopping – tools integrated into chatops.


You only have 10 minutes to complete each stage to reach 3 9’s of available time. You only have a minute to get 4 9’s, while 5 9’s take just 6 seconds per stage. However, you will eventually want to invest less energy at each location. You need to reduce the number of people in each step. This will allow you to have more time to focus on the goal and primary finding stages. ChatOps will enable colleagues to receive notices, respond, analyze and resolve issues via their phone. Start thinking about how ChatOps could increase your uptime and help you to grow your DevOps team. You will soon find other posts about creating your chatbot for ChatOps.In MCM Acquires Omni Channel Cloud Contact Center.

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