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Cdr Dump 

Asterisk Telephone Statistics Files from comma-separated text Documents, Cdr Dump 

By default option, Asterisk creates cdr files from comma-separated text data files from the __/ / var/log/asterisk/ / cdr-CSV listing. The document Master.csv comprises all of the records. Detail files may be partly configured on a station basis, plus a few of the info for IAX and SIP may be decided upon the person’s degree. The Zap setup for cd r files is dependent on the station in Zaptel. conf 

For this to operate, you need to possess Cdr Dump, cdr_csv. So rich. ‘reveal modules’ or” module reveal ‘ entered in the SMS number, CLI will inform you whether it’s been loaded. Otherwise: Sort’load cdr_csv. Thus ‘ from the CLI. Additionally, you will wish to bring this load control to /etc/asterisk/modules/API. Conf in case Asterisk failed to incorporate this module automatically. 

Be Aware: You also can edit the origin document Cdr Dump, cdr_csv.c to empower CSV_LOGUNIQUEID (it is disabled by default) 

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