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The Best CallFire Alternatives

The Best CallFire Alternatives

MCM offers virtual numbers in over 60 countries, compared to CallFire’s 10. MCM offers 20+ business texting features, compared to CallFire’s 6. It has been delivering VoIP phone systems since 2006, compared to CallFire’s start in 2007. We think you are looking for a reliable provider that delivers consistent call quality, good business features, and can manage all your needs very efficiently. Hence we will provide you with some of the best callfire pricing Alternatives.

We will cover some important points here like 

A review of CallFire Attributes and plans.

Detailed CallFire pricing comparisons with some top competitors.

The top CallFire alternatives for several different business use-cases.

CallFire Company – Introduction 

Boost your marketing campaigns with powerful mobile messaging capabilities. Get real-time call tracking and analytics to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Connect with more customers through voice broadcasting and text messaging. Increase customer engagement with interactive voice response.

CallFire Products and Attributes 

Voice Broadcast

easily send one voice message to thousands of people at once.

Text Messaging

send and receive text messages with customers and clients.

Call Tracking

track the success of your marketing campaigns by recording who answered your call and where it came from.

Interactive Voice Response

create custom menus that route callers to the right person or department.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Some Important Attributes of IVR are as follows

Dynamic messages

Send customized, dynamic messages with Text-to-Speech.

Advanced Scheduling

Choose the perfect time for your surveys with our advanced scheduling options.

Information Transfer

Pass information gathered from your IVR to your website for further analysis and processing.

Ease of Use

Our intuitive interface makes it easy to set up “Do not call” lists and manage your virtual voice mailbox.

Custom Caller ID

Use your number for Caller ID instead of a random number generated by us.


Top CallFire IVR Alternatives


Five9 offers a drag-and-drop IVR setup, allowing you to create custom IVR menus with ease. It is geared toward large contact center-type environments. You will need to contact their sales department to receive a pricing quote.


Improve customer satisfaction with automated call routing. Speed up the process of answering common customer questions. Reduce wait times for customers on the phone. Easily manage your customer support channels through one interface.

Call Tracking 

  • Measure the success of marketing and sales campaigns. Make better decisions for your company. Know which ads are driving phone calls. Get real-time data on all inbound and outbound calls. Enables you to connect with customers faster.

Top CallFire Call Tracking Options


 Get real-time call data to measure the success of your marketing campaigns.  Identity which marketing channels are producing calls so you can focus your efforts there. Automatically score leads based on how they interact with your business (via phone, Web form, or keyword). Integrate with CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive to see all call activity in one place.


Track campaign success with detailed metrics. See how leads are generated and understand ROI. Optimize campaigns for even better results. Integrate with other marketing software for a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts.

Business Texting

Increase customer satisfaction by allowing them to text instead of call. Gain an edge over your competition by providing SMS services. Improve customer retention rates with automated SMS messages. Easily manage your business SMS services through CallFire’s user-friendly platform.

Top CallFire Business SMS Alternatives


Increase customer interactions by allowing customers to message your business directly. MCM’s newest feature, business SMS, is available to customers located in the United States and Canada, with select countries to follow soon. Easy set up with your existing USA/Canada phone number. Purchase a new one for business SMS.


Texting is becoming the preferred mode of communication for many customers. Unlimited texting keeps your business accessible at all times. Grasshopper’s texting service is included with your virtual number plan. You can manage all of your texts from one easy-to-use interface.

Voice Broadcast

Send voice messages in minutes, not hours. Connect with customers in a personal way. Increase customer loyalty and retention. Keep customers updated on promotions, sales, and more.

Top CallFire Voice Broadcast Alternatives


There are no contracts in CallHub. You can pay as you go. It offers massive call volume. Reach a large number of people at once. It offers fast activation time- Voice broadcast is very affordable.


Send voice broadcasts to thousands of people at once

CRM integration allows for custom conversations and follow-ups Automated follow-ups ensure that no lead falls through the cracks. Fast, easy, and efficient – send out a broadcast in minutes.


Top CallFire Competitors & Options 


Get a local or toll-free number in over 160 countries. Activates instantly and can be managed online. 20+ advanced features included at no additional cost. Cloud contact center software is available.


Grasshopper provides an affordable alternative to callfire pricing Grasshopper offers a variety of number types, including toll-free and local numbers.It allows for an unlimited number of extensions, perfect for businesses with multiple employees. Like CallFire, Grasshopper offers business texting.


Get call tracking and recording for your business. See where your calls are coming from and how to improve marketing campaigns never miss a call with CallRail’s 24/7 customer service.International virtual numbers in a few different countries


Comparing all your options when choosing a new VoIP service provider can be tough, but we hope this callfire pricing review and competitor comparison was useful in your search. My Country Mobile strives to provide the best and latest information possible, so please reach out if you want to provide feedback or have further questions!

MCM is the best Alternative to CallFire

 MCM can be considered the best alternative here as it offers the following attributes 

  • Save on your monthly phone bill
  • No contracts or setup fees
  • Failover routing for uninterrupted service
  • 24/7 support from VoIP experts
  • Global infrastructure for perfect call quality

Products International Number Popular Dial Ups Toll-Free services Attributes  

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