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Call Notification

Call Notification, Is it possible to use call notification features to eliminate unwanted calls? Absolutely. With all the communication channels in the digital world, such as mobile phones, VoIP systems, Internet. And computer-based applications, how can it be challenging to catch a call?

Who doesn’t know that a ring or beep signal tells you someone has called? But how does this information get from your phone to the answering machine? The person on the other end of the line doesn’t always want to hear your voice. But if the call is automatically dialed or if you can listen to who it is through a receiver. You will know it’s a call from your spouse or significant other; call Notification.

In the beginning, most companies used the default systems where the answering machine took the call, and the caller would speak on a screen. Then in the 70s, advances in technology allowed telephone companies to change their default protocols instead of answering machine. Rather, they would have a voice recording device (also known as a viva). This system was helpful for businesses. But because the incoming calls were automatically dialed. No one was in charge of taking action, Call Notification.


Call Notification Systems

Call notification systems let the people making the calls understand that they are calling, and then it is up to them to decide what to do about it. For example, if a phone number isn’t working, the call goes to voicemail or voice mail. When it is not the correct caller, the caller is put on hold, and a message will be display letting them know that they are recording.

Companies had to build soundproof booths where phones could be placed and recorded in the past. But with today’s technological advancements, there are even simple systems where phones are placed at reception counters or even in-house recording devices. So the next time you see a large recording device at a store or office building, look up and see where the person on the other end of the line is coming from, Call Notification.


VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, or Short Message Service. This system works in the same way as an answering machine. Silent Alarm – This system works the same way as the Silent Phone in the US. Which will alert the caller to a quiet or an incoming call? Once the phone rings, the Silent Alarm will record the number and make the caller aware of the call. The Silent Alarm will also notify the caller of the message so that they can answer the call dialer, Call Notification.

Video Messaging – This system is similar to the Silent Alarm. But instead of recording the conversation and transferring it to your phone, it uploads it directly to your phone.

With all of the call notification features, you can choose which option best fits your needs. Whether you want to capture information of an unknown caller, confirm that you are hearing from a caller. If you simply want to protect yourself against phishing scams, the options are there. For you to select from.

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