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What are the ways to call Australia From the USA?

What are the ways to call Australia from the USA? 

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Australia has been one of the most visited countries. Be it for a holiday or be it for a business trip. People over here have a good disposable income which means people have a good spending capacity and hence it leads to good business opportunities in the country. To ensure the smooth functioning of your business, it is very important to have seamless communication. In this article, we will focus on what is the need of having an Australian Virtual number and how to call Australia from the US – Blog By Devansh Shah 


Australian Phone Codes –

The country code for Australia is +61. If you are based outside of Australia and want to call someone in the country, you will have to dial +61 after your country’s exit code. Australia dialing codes (when calling landlines) for some of its main cities are:

1- Central-East Australia, including Sydney and Canberra = 02

2- South-East Australia, including Melbourne and Hobart = 03

3- North-East Australia, including Brisbane = 07

4- Central and West Australia, including Perth, Adelaide, and Darwin = 08


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Toll-Free Australian Phone Number – 

You have to use 18/1800 as a prefix to make calls from a landline when in Australia. Also, 13/1300 and 18/1800 both are Australian toll-free phone numbers

How to make a call From Australia to the US by using Landline?

You Need to follow these simple steps to make a call 

1: Dial US Exit Code – 

2: Enter Australia International Cod

3: Dial Local City Code

4: Omit the Zero

How to make a call From Australia to the US by using a Mobile Phone?

To make a Phone call from Australia to the US you need to follow these steps – 

1: Dial the US exit code (011).

2: Dial the country code for Australia (61)

3: Dial the mobile code (4).

4: Dial the eight-digit mobile number


Some of the most convenient options to make a Call to Australia From The US

To make the most of the opportunity to start a business in Australia or to expand your business there it’s very important to know the best ways to make a phone call to Australia from the US. Let’s have a quick look at the best ways 

1) International Calling Cards – 

– You will be able to make international calls from one country to another using this facility

-Save up to 90% on your international calling costs

– No contracts, no monthly fees, and no hidden charges

It- Easy to use – just insert the card and dial the number

– Works in over 200 countries

2) Making Use Of Google Voice –

— Save on your phone bill – making calls using Google Voice can be a lot cheaper than using your regular phone service.

-. Get great call quality – because you’re calling over the internet, the sound quality is usually much better than with a traditional phone line.

-. Keep your number private – one of the great things about Google Voice is that you can use it to make anonymous calls. That way, people you call won’t be able to see your real number.

-. Stay connected when you’re traveling – want to keep in touch with family and friends back home while you’re on holiday? With Google Voice, you can make free international calls from anywhere in the world!

3) Free Internet Facilities –

 Free Internet Facilities offer essential features that businesses need, including: 

-A toll-free number that can be called from anywhere in the world 

-Business hours support with a real person 

-Customizable voicemail greeting 

-Call forwarding to any phone number 

2) Low rates for international calls

4) By using Virtual Phone Numbers –

-Cloud Based systems are the best options to make international Calls 

-. Keep your business local and sound professional to Australian customers with an Australian virtual phone number.

-. Connect directly to an Australian phone number without having to use a time-consuming and expensive international calling plan.

-. Enjoy the advanced call tracking, recording, and analytics features that come with virtual phone numbers solutions from Through Virtual Phone Numbers.

-. Stay connected to your Australian customers with ease and convenience using our top-of-the-line virtual phone numbers service.

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Why go ahead with a Virtual Phone Number?

The Following Attributes of a virtual Phone Number make it ideal to use a virtual phone number- 

1- No Need to have a Physical Office – 

Virtual phone numbers help you to set up the call centers within a few minutes. 

–No need to set up an office or hire staff

-Available in over 70 countries

-Low monthly rates

It-Easy to set up


Flexibility – 

-You can be in touch with other employees and clients all the time

-Keeps team members internally connected

-Promotes integrity

-Easy to use mobile app

Have a Local Existence –

  • Gain a foothold in the Australian marketplace
  • 1300 number gives your customers a local point of contact
  • Build trust with potential and current clients by having a physical presence in Australia
  • Strengthen relationships with customers through personal interaction

Helps you to build a professional Brand Image –

-Establish a professional brand image that instills trust in potential customers

-Be taken seriously as a business with an up-to-date website and marketing materials

-Convey the correct message about your company with accurate information

-Create a polished brand that will be remembered by potential clients.


Strong Communication. 

-All customer interactions are captured in one place for better analysis and easier resolution.

  1. Keep all team members on the same page with unified communication tools like video conferencing and messaging.
  2. Deliver a more consistent customer experience with a business phone system that unifies all communication channels.
  3. Improve customer satisfaction by quickly resolving any issues that may arise.


What is the Procedure To Get An Australia Virtual Phone Number?

The procedure to get an Australian Virtual Phone Number Via MCM is very easy. Just follow these simple steps –  

1: Sign up with MCM

2: Log in with the username and password

3: Click ‘Add Number,’ then select Australia as the country

4: Make the payment.

5: Add the rest of your team members once you are done with establishing a centralized system. 

6: Once done with these steps, you must link your phone number to the virtual number. 

And you are done. 


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