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Best Multi Line Phone Systems

Multi-line office phones frames can support at least two Voice-over-Web Convention (VoIP) telephone lines. Hence, this allows organizations to make and receive different decisions simultaneously. While some work area telephones are called web convention (IP telephones) and can be synced with mobile phones, others provide the same essential utility as traditional landline frameworks.

The top multi-line office phones for private companies

  • Poly VVX601: The best multi-line telephone system for companies that require an expandable structure with all the lavish accessories
  • Grandstream GXV3370 is better for associations that require a VoIP telephone framework that can use in video conferencing.
  • Cisco 7841: Ideal for independent businesses that require VoIP telephones in their work area, but with the appearance and feel of traditional models

Poly VVX 601 multi-line office phones

Poly VVX 601, the multi-line telephone system for private enterprise, is well-known and has the highest ranking for VoIP telephones. It can support up to 16 VoIP lines. Up to 16 VoIP lines can use it. The Poly VVX 601 can be used by developing organizations. However, business clients who require a more comprehensive yet streamlined arrangement should consider the Cisco 7841. It also supports headsets and VoIP highlights, remembering music to call park and hold, and appears like a basic telephone.

Poly VVX 601 features

  • Show: This smooth, natural interaction looks present with a 4.3-inch display. It is larger than the Cisco 7841 presentation but smaller than the Grandstream GXV3370’s 7-inch. The shading touchscreen is visible and makes a marked difference to Cisco’s monochrome display.
  • Tablet work: The Poly VVX, 601 multi-line telephone system, coordinates with Microsoft Exchange schedules. It also allows quick access to corporate catalogs, sends alerts or updates, and connects with practical applications via open application programming connection points.

Grandstream GXV3370 multi-line office phones

Grandstream GXV3370 IP video telephone has an implicit camera, Bluetooth point-of-interaction, Wi-Fi availability, and a Bluetooth point of interaction. It was designed to accommodate volume clients and provides a telephone database space for 1,000 contacts and a high-quality mixed media interface yield (HDMI), which allows you to associate the gadget with a larger screen. The Poly VVX 601 also has this element. A clear, 720p-illuminated LCD screen with 7 inches is available for HD video conferencing. The framework also offers convention support and a speakerphone. It can extend to up to 16 telephone lines. In addition, the Grandstream GXV3370 allows clients to transfer web radio.

Grandstream GXV3370 Features

  • Call the executives. Improve guest encounters by using call send, hold and move, guest ID, telephone message, call pausing, call pausing, call waiting, call messaging, call pausing, call moving, call shifting, call sending, call moving, call transferring, call moving, call resuming, call moving, call directing, call escalation, call muting, call deleting, call moving, call resuming, call removing, call shifting, call archiving, call You can also use the visual ringer and voice message markers to keep your eyes on calls and messages.
  • Progression instruments: The Grandstream GXV3370 supports applications via programming advancement unit (SDK), allows web browsing, and accepts secure computerized (SDK) cards. It also has a warning, a schedule, and a clock. The Grandstream multi-line telephone framework also offers cloud and nearby call recording.

Cisco 7841 multi-line office phones

The Cisco 7841 might be a good choice for organizations moving from a regular public branch trading (PBX) or two-line telephone network. Our survey will help you understand the differences between VoIP and a four-line telephone system. Although it supports up to four lines, the Cisco 7841 is similar to a simple telephone for work. The 3.5-inch monochrome display is larger than the Poly VVX 150’s two-line counterpart but smaller than the Poly VVX 601’s touchscreen. The Cisco 7841 is an excellent multi-line telephone system for working in small areas, but it can feel outdated for more technical clients.

Cisco 7841 Features

  • Call dealing with the executives and call handling: While it looks like a landline phone, the Cisco 7841 supports VoIP features such as call sending and murmur training.
  • Convenience: The Cisco 7841 is similar to the Polycom VVX 150. It looks simple and makes it easy for groups to use VoIP highlights.For some more groups visit the virtual phone numbers.

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