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11 Best Call Recording Services (2022)

Have you been looking for the best call recording service? We have compiled a list of companies specializing in this area, whether an office or home-based business. Of course, MCM is the best call recording service in town. But, if you’re not a good fit for MCMI’s value and services, we have compiled this list of alternatives that will suit your needs just fine! Before we go ahead, these are the different call recording services available.

Various call recording service providers

The three most common call recording services are business phone systems, VoIP numbers, and standalone devices.

Business Phone System Providers

Vonage, RingCentral, and 8×8 are great service providers. you need a comprehensive business phone system or contact center solution with advanced features for recording calls.

VoIP Call Services

Next, you have VoIP phone number providers that offer call recording systems with any virtual numbers they sell. Want to record calls but don’t have the budget for a complete virtual phone system replacement? These include services such as CallRail, MCM, and Globalcallforwarding. These are perfect options for small or large businesses that want an easy way of capturing any given call without having expensive equipment sitting around taking up space!

Stand-Alone Call Recording Service


And what’s better than having your calls recorded? Have them transcribed and indexed for easy access! VoiceStamps, CallCabinet, or Orecx can all help with this. This is best for those needing call recording, without other features or virtual numbers. These services are perfect if you’re an entrepreneur and don’t want all the bells and whistles!

Various Features OF Call Recording

Standard Call Recording Features

When choosing a call recording provider, you can expect to have several standard features included. The best part about this service is you’ll be able to review all your recorded calls after they’re completed. You can download or access them through the cloud, and there’s an allocated amount of time in every plan!

Phone call recordings need to stay fresh for as long as possible with time constraints on how long they’re kept before being labeled “archived.” Ask about an extended plan if you need recordings for more than 30-90 days.

Taking phone calls is a part of doing business. But recording them can help assure you have quality conversations and monitor customer behavior. It’s one way we’ve been able to train our employees!

Specialized Call Recording Features

The modern-day call recording system is an essential tool that any business can use to its advantage. Some plans include advanced features geared explicitly towards centers or training videos so that employees can become familiar with all of the tools at hand quickly and efficiently. For example, at least one call recording service on our list below offers advanced speech analysis that can help provide insights into trends in your customers’ calls. Oreck, 8×8, and Callrail are some of the best tools you can use to enhance customer experiences and provide better insights into training needs in your company.

You’ll most likely be charged an additional per minute rate for using these types of voice analytics with your call recordings.

Call Recording via Virtual Number

The following three phone companies can provide you with all the features your business needs. 

MCM Call Recording

MCM provides you with 15 days of free inbound and outbound call recording. In addition, you’ll get 30 trial runs before billing starts. So that should be enough time for any new customer to see how well this service works!

After that, You can continue using an extended call recording plan or switch to the free 15-day option. Recording phone calls has never been easier. MCM’s extended call recording service starts at $6.99 monthly for 30 days of storage! With MCM, you can get a Virtual Number for as low as $4.49, and call rates start at just $0.008/min! You’ll have access to over 150 countries without any setup fees or long-term commitments with this service. Also, you get paid when you port your existing number to MCM.

MCM offers a variety of call recording packages to suit your needs. If you’re looking for more space, the monthly 90-day package costs just $19.99 and comes with up to 30 phone lines! For those who need it longer than that, though, there’s also an affordable 1-year plan which only ranges from $69-$10 per month (depending on how many phones are attached). With MCM, you can record unlimited minutes and fair use restrictions. To learn more about call recording with this service, go to the hosted webpage here: 

CallRail Call Recording

Callrail gives packages with various numbers included, unlike Vonage and RingCentral. As a result, CallRail is a more robust platform for managing your phone calls and leads. The service offers plans ranging from $30-$120/month and includes local numbers, a minimum of minutes (with discounts as low as 10% off), and call recording. In addition, you can purchase additional local numbers and toll-free ones for an extra monthly fee. 

CallRail offers an array of services to help you find what’s happening on your phone call. For example, they have CallScribe with keyword spotting and highlights similar to speech analytics! You can use CallScribe to transcribe the conversation between your employee and caller. It will highlight any key phrases or words you set for an add-on feature that costs $0.02-$0 25/minute, depending on which plan bought. Another great feature that CallRail offers is call recording. They have focused on this more than the others, and it’s their top priority for companies who need these types of premium features!

Toll-free forwarding Call Recording

We offer virtual number plans that allow you to add incoming call recordings to your plan. Toll-free forwarding can be a great way to keep track of your calls, mainly if you use it for recording. This will only cost about $7 per month, with the additional minute costing just $0 .03! You can also save your call recordings for more than 30 days at a rate of $0.03/minute per month!

Global call forwarding Call Recording

GlobalCallForwrding offers its call recording services as an add-on feature, similar to MCM and TollfreeForwards. The base fee for inbound calls is $3/month with storage of 30 days; it also charges 0.03 cents per minute on top of that! Also, if you want, they can keep recorded calls for additional five months for a fee. Global call forwarding is an excellent option. When you need to register your calls without all of the advanced features. Their dashboard allows you to change how many percent each recording will contain so that it’s perfectly tailored towards what works best with whatever situation arises!


Is any of the call forwarding services look right for you?

If you would like to select any of these providers for your call recording services. you will have to compare the costs of a number you plan to purchase. Of course, the cost of your phone number is one primary variable. It’s also important to consider whether you want calls stored or not, as well as the amount someone will pay for each call that reaches their destination! But since not all providers offer pricing on extended storage, you’ll need to contact them for that information.

Call Recording via Office Phone Solutions

We recommend these three providers if you want a complete phone solution with call recording as an available feature.

RingCentral Phone Call Recording System

Is a leading cloud-based Small Business Phone System that helps businesses communicate more efficiently. RingCentral offers a variety of plans to suit your needs, ranging from $30-$60/per month per user. Their most basic plan includes automatic call recording. Still, if you need more than that.Then there are various other options available for purchase which include manual and high-quality recordings as well! With RingCentral, you can keep recordings for up to 100,000 calls per account and allow downloads, so your records are safe too! In addition, when you purchase one of these packages, they come equipped with a hefty allotment of talk minutes and an easy-to-use local or toll-free number.

In addition, you can also get toll-free/local numbers with any plan for $4.99/month. Also, international local, and international toll-free numbers are available for $5.99/user and $14.99/month (+$25 one-time setup fee). RingCentral and Vonage offer dynamic pricing, which can lower costs as more lines are used.

Vonage Phone Call Recording System

Vonage is as same as RingCentral; it’s a business communications organization providing cloud solutions service to your entire staff. Their plans start at just $15/month for small companies and go up to $40 per user. All the packages come with unlimited calling, SMS messaging (even abroad), mobile & desktop apps as well team-messaging capabilities!

You have to buy a call recording separately from your plan. If you choose their advanced plan, you can get a call recording of 15 hours with that plan.

Also, there are options for wide call recording, which costs around $44.99 per month, and with that plan, you get 500 hours of storage with additional blocks of 250 hours for $19.99.

On-demand you can also buy call recordings for $4.99/month per extension, which comes with 15 hours of online cloud storage. And all these recordings you can manage with the Vonage user portal.

8×8 Phone Call Recording System

8×8 is the ultimate business phone system. It offers everything you need to stay connected, including integrated phones with high-quality sound and video capabilities and cloud contact center services.

8×8 is a company that provides plans for small businesses and enterprises, making them an important player in today’s industry landscape. In addition to a host of features, their small business phone system offers four plans. You can choose from $28-$115 per user/month, and all are tailored for your needs, with call recording included in everyone! They don’t want you to miss important information with their X Series of cloud services. These plans range from $28-$175 per user/month, and all offer call recording so that you can always hear your voice! Their advanced plans have many features and are most likely geared toward large call center environments.


Interested in any of these call recording systems

Some of the best solutions for businesses with employees and recording projects come from providers such as Vonage or RingCentral. These services can handle large amounts of data, making them perfect if you have a lot going on at once! The decision between these three options will depend on how many calls you need them. The length of time they should last, and if downloading is something that interests you.

Standalone Service Call Recording

So you’re looking to have call recording as a standalone service? Take the time and see these three top-rated providers: 

Voice stamps Call Recording

Voice stamps is the perfect service for anyone looking to make sure they never miss a call again. With our automatic recording, you’ll be able to capture every vital conversation without even knowing it! In addition, Voicestamps will give you the most converting voicemail systems for your business with a $25 setup fee, then only charge $0.06-$0 .10 per minute of recorded calls!

Voice stamps also provides outbound call recording. However, it costs a $25 setup fee and $25 per month, and $0.10 per minute. Also, the discount on bundling these services is not sure.

Call Cabinet Call Recording

Call Cabinet has developed ATMOS software to record customer conversations and store them on the cloud for easy access. The company’s website claims that they use a “pay as you grow” monthly payment system. They also combine with major telephony systems, including Asterisk, skype for business, and Lync. In addition, CallCabinet’s innovative tools help you get the most out of your call center by providing various features, including graphical representation and flagging capabilities.

They have not mentioned pricing on their website, but theory offers a 30-day free trial to test the software and check whether the phone recording system is right for your business.

Orecx Call Recording

Orecx offers a variety of different recording options to suit your needs. They are 50% less than other companies. You will need to contact them for pricing information before making an appointment with the company! Orecx, the company that creates call recording products for businesses with their easy-to-use cloud solution called Oreka CR.

This is a software implementation, so all you need to do is provide your IP address, and within minutes your private studio will be ready! It’s often said that the best form of software is “open source,” meaning it can be inspected and modified by anyone. This also applies to Total Call Recording Software, which offers a free option for all users who want more control over their recordings!

Orecx offers a variety of packages to fit each customer’s needs. They also provide auto-tagging to target specific words or phrases in conversations with your leads and prospects!

Is any of these Call Recording Solutions look perfect for you?

Voice stamps is an excellent option for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The costs can add up quickly as your business grows. 

In contrast to Voice stamp’s high price tag, other services will suit you just fine such as Call Cabinet or Orecx, which offer similar features at much more affordable prices. The “pay as you grow” plan from Call Cabinet seems like a great option if you want to expand your business in the coming years. Oreck offers a robust feature set that would be perfect for your needs.

Still not sure which call recording service is best for your business?

We’re here to answer all your questions about call recording services for business. In addition, we will help you find the best call recording service provider for your needs.

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