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Asterisk Message Send Example

Asterisk Message sends Example 10 currently has routine protocol separate assist for processing messages out a telephone. However, incoming messages sending via the Asterisk dial plan. SIP concept and XMPP are now encouraging.

However, You will find various options in jabber. Conf and also sip. Conf allowing empowering those attributes.

Jabber. Conf: visit that the”send to dial plan” along with “circumstance” possibilities.

Even the communication () dial plan work and MessageSend() app are inserted to process this specific number functionality.



Certainly. The Asterisk Message send Example syntax Is like this Variable: Asterisk Message send Example header at additional AMI controls features,

Such as, for instance, Originate. Rather than establishing a dialplan factor message body text, you

are, as an alternative putting an email tech factor which is going to translate

from the station technology, which provides services to the spy petition. For that SIP

station motorist, which suggests that all specify a header into place.


Mark 10 presently upholds instant messages without a call. However, all messages sent through the Asterisk message send an example dialplan.

Taste MESSAGE, XMPP, and XMPP are upheld right now. These highlights can be empowered by utilizing choices in sip. Conf or jabber.conf

jabber.conf: See the “send to dial plan” and “setting” choices.
Sip. Conf: see the “accept out of call message,” “auth message requests,” and “out of call message context” choices.

To supplement this usefulness, the MESSAGE() dialplan work has been upgraded, and the MessageSend() application was added. However, you can find more itemized data on the Asterisk Wiki.


example => send_msg,10,NoSum()

sample => n,Answer()

sample => n,Set(MESSAGE_DATA(X-Movial-Content)=application/x-movial-control\;forwarding=true)

sample => n,MessageSend(sip:

sample => n,Hangup()

Mark is an open-source IP PBX framework. Ozeki NGS SMS Gateway can give SMS usefulness to Asterisk message send example. My Country Mobile is introducing you. You can send instant SMS messages on different occasions, fax warnings, missed calls, phone number message notices, and fax notices.

Hence, this SMS Gateway offers SMS information that is more remarkable than Asterisk messages and sends example’s SMS usefulness. My Country Mobile permits you to utilize GSM Modem(s) appended to your server. However, it is just like IP SMS associations (SMPP/UCP/CIMD2, and so on) to send SMS messages.

Asterisk MessageSend()

The augmentation that has need 2 will incorporate the application dial, which will dial the ideal individual—however, the picked convention ( SIP, MGCP ). Hence, when the discussion is happening, the Asterisk message sends an example that will obstacle the line.
On the off chance that somebody dials 111 or 112, they will each see a similar message. In this model, this is the region where you put the text for your commercial.

Send an SMS message. The MESSAGE (body) will be the message body extent. So, this can be from an approaching email.

This application makes the concurrent channel factors

MESSAGE SEND STATUS This is the message sent sip conveyance status that this application returns.
INVALID PROTOCOL – There was no overseer for the innovation part of the URI in the Asterisk message send example.
INVALID URI – A convention overseer revealed the URI is invalid.
Hence, victory: Successfully passes on the convention overseer. However, conveyance can’t ensure.
Disappointment, The convention overseer reveals that the message couldn’t convey for reasons unknown.