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Asterisk Console Dial

Asterisk Console Dial, A  Asterisk console dial telephone onto the games console may be wrapp at any given moment, working with the hang-up CLI demand. Notice. So The dial control is offer by the d0ne Asterisk CLI when your games console motorist is a load. But Should you kind “dial 1 2 3” and then Obtain the mistake:

Then the station motorist. This is not wealthy. Also, it was not correctly initialized. So If it occurs, examine the preferences at modules.conf along with salsa.Conf or even loss. Conf. But Specifying alternative contexts for games console calls. As per Originate command iax sip sound file ip address, and playback hello world in the phone number, Asterisk Console Dial.

Suppose you are interested in being equipped to dial numerous contexts in your games console. Also, you don’t wish to edit your config every moment. There exists a workaround it’s possible to utilize: producing exclusive extensions on your dial plan.

CLI  control (Asterisk Console Dial)

The CLI control won’t allow you to define a number. Dial alternatives for phone calls set from your games. Luckily, there is a workaround with neighborhood stations on your dial plan. Suppose, as an instance, and you are utilizing the ALSA station motorist and also have these on your salsa.

Now assume you would like to set a telephone on $DEMO and the Idol selection “T” (to ensure you may then move the phone). Unfortunately, even the dial-up control doesn’t allow you to do so. However, You can track telephone through a neighborhood station, Asterisk Console Dial. see also reduce time.

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