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Asterisk Ami Queuestatus

Even the”Asterisk ami queue status” asks for statistical info regarding calls brought into your current queues, in addition to the corresponding support degree of Asterisk ami queue status. The reply includes more” occasion: QueueParams” stanzas, just one per lineup. Everyone is accompanied by no phone; even more, in” celebration: QueueMember” stanzas, a single representative is delegated.


To this queue and no or even more” occasion: QueueEntry” stanzas, 1 per telephone waiting at the lineup. The entire bunch finishes using the”Occasion: Queue Status Complete” stanza. Even the Queue parameter lets to pick one queue to determine its status. just like all the Member parameters, which let you pick one strand manhood of texting.

 You may utilize the Member parameter using something such as’cnlohewfuy 4r89734yc8yc48′ to perhaps not get any advice concerning associates—only information around the Asterisk AMI queuestatus Queue. In the event the parameters aren’t put, all Queues and most of the members will be displayed. 

Asterisk AMI queuestatus is a Python module that also queries Asterisk Queues. However, It’s written in Python and uses the Asterisk Manager Interface to request information about queues. This library is currently being developed on Linux. The library depends on the requests library, also used in the python asterisk module.

Asterisk AMI queuestatus Module

Asterisk AMI queuestatus This module wants to be part of the python asterisk module. However, Asterisk Queuestatus, a simple script, also displays the status of all items in an Asterisk queue. However, it Is beneficial.

This script is helpful when there are queues in your Asterisk Server. And you want to be notified of busy signals. This script uses Asterisk’s HTTP interface. This also increases the value of the Market and Helps to more use of Asterisks and their types.

However, This will also increase the Linux and Python to use Asterisk am queuestatus. With weight 0, event queue member, action queue status, paused 0, event queue entry, max 0 service level 60 servicelevelperf, event queueparams.

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