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Application-to-Person (A2P)

A2P Messaging (Application-to-Person Messaging), sometimes called business SMS or enterprise SMS, refers to SMS or MMS messages sent from a business to a person. Unlike P2P (Person-to-Person/Peer-to-Peer) messaging, A2P Messaging allows businesses to automate text messaging for appointment reminders, two-factor authentication, text message alerts, text-based sales promotions, and more. In addition, companies can use A2P messaging to power functions such as conversation tracking within a CRM and multi-channel support conversations.

A2P messaging can be divided into three types depending on the phone number the messages are sent from shortcodes, toll-free messaging, also extended code (10DLC). Every kind of messaging has its own set of implications regarding cost, functionality, also deliverability.

What is the difference between A2P and P2P messaging?

Many fear that more spam and fraud could result from the increased demand for business-to-consumer communication. Text messaging, unlike voice telecom, which is regulated under the FCC’s rules, is classified as an Information Service. This means that the messaging ecosystem must “self-regulate.” Previously, text messaging was only between people on their phones (P2P). Most traffics balance also consider”want receive by those receiving.

The messaging ecosystem has changed. APIs also software to automate messages have fueled significant consumer demand and innovation. However, this has also led to new problems with SPAM. The messaging ecosystem could become inundated if there is no standard procedure to manage them. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association created A2P messaging to differentiate as they use messaging more. What is the CTIA? What is the CTIA?

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These are the three types of business messaging.

CTIA outlined opt-in requirements and defined three types of business messaging. So Make a list of your company’s messaging today and ensure you have all the necessary opt-ins. If you are unsure, A2P is worth asking your customers where their phone numbers are coming from.

Conversational messaging

Consent implies through conversational messaging or consumer-initiated messages.

Informational messaging

Informational messaging is when a consumer gives their number to a company to request to be notified about account updates, appointments, A2P, etc. This requires explicit consent. However, it can be as easy as the consumer agreeing to receive messages via text, verbally, or online.

Promotional messaging

The most stringent consent requirements are for promotional messaging—any texts used for promotion or market a business. A2P, the consumer must give express written consent before receiving a text message. This means that consumers can opt-in through a checkbox on a website or sign a form.

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