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API Definition

Watch under port Task API Definition for that which can install. All parameters are discretionary; the parameters in your Default. API Definition, Flex can be a multi-channel contact center. We encourage quite a few stations out of the box and regularly add additional ones. Therefore, due to version 1.0, we encourage the Subsequent Indigenous stations: Voice SMS (no press ), Webchat, Facebook Messenger (no press ), What’s App LINE (no press ) RCS (no press ).

With all the job Channel Definition API you might also increase custom-made stations and reevaluate the behavior of present kinds. So to Bring a Personalized station, you Ought to Make adjustments from these areas. Insert a Personalized station in the task router. Bring about the Custom Made station to be hauled into the broker. So to redefine the method by Which the Custom Made station is left from the UI using Undertaking Channel Definition API.

Undertaking Channel Definition API

All undertaking stations which Flex handles can define and enroll from the duty Channels API. Flex enrolls its default option undertaking Channel definitions (see under ). However, plugins and users may register their particular personnel. 

The newest enrollee definition can use as more than just one station definition game to get an endeavor. This lets one enroll an even more special channel definition to reevaluate the behavior of an overall 1. So the call back receives an activity within the debate and has to return boolean authentic in case that respect can also utilize to manage the specified undertaking.

At a job channel definition, It’s Possible to define:

Call Back to Discover Which jobs that can relate to. Strings (templates) API definition to Utilize various Flex elements that can predicate job standing. Colors to apply inactivity listing that can predicate on job standing. So the icons are to be revealed at the activity listing tab and canvases predicated on job standing. Customized elements to insert into an endeavor to establish if the station is related.

API Definition

The customized elements can substitute at activity establish characteristics if the station can relate. So pre-defined undertaking Channels’ definitions are offered using My Country Mobile flex. Default task channels items such as mentioned. So it isn’t advisable to alter My Country Mobile flex default task channels to perform. You have to produce your definition and then enroll instead.

My Country Mobile can also specialize in SMS API and Bulk SMS products.

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