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Android Studio Print to Console

With the increase in popularity of Android, a lot of people are looking for ways how to use an android studio to make printed text. Not only can you write to your Android Studio phone, but you can also print to any desktop or laptop device. Here are a few quick and easy steps to help your text look like an accurate picture!

Ensure that the photo is in portrait orientation before printing the text to the text box. By making sure the SMS text is in this orientation, it will be easier to scale the image for the printing method you choose.

Android Studio Print to Console
Android Studio Print to Console


This is very important because the scaling process will be used to print the text. If the book is not scaled correctly, the reader will not be as sharp as it should be. Android Studio

The next step is to load the text into the text editor. You will then need to rotate the Android Studio text box and position it at the top of the screen. To turn the text, you will need to touch and hold the text box and drag the icon to the left and right.

If you do not have a toolbar in the corner of the screen, do not worry, you can find one by going to tools and looking for the second icon on the toolbar. This second icon is not the rotate icon but the rotate tool.

Positioned the Text 

Once you have positioned the text box, click the edit button and then find the rotate tool, which is on the toolbar. This tool has a rotator icon, which will allow you to rotate the text. You can click on the rotate image, which will enable you to move the text ninety degrees clockwise or ninety degrees anticlockwise.

When adjusting the rotation, use your mouse wheel to help you go around the letter. Press enter and the rotating text will appear on the screen. Android Studio

To fix the problem with the text being off-center, continue to click the edit button and find the rotate tool. To position the text correctly, you will need to use the rotate tool, but to do this, you will need to zoom in on the book by pressing the down arrow.

Now you can click the rotate icon on the toolbar, and the text will rotate. As soon as you have adjusted the book correctly, you can now press print. Android Studio

Android Studio Print to Console
Android Studio Print to Console

Text Large (Android Studio)

To make the text larger, touch and hold the text box and drag it out from the center of the screen. As soon as you see the word expand, use the translate tool to stretch the name out. Once you translate the phrase, press print. Android Studio

Another way to make the text appear larger on your screen is to pinch in on the image you want to enlarge. When you do this, you will be able to create a window of text at the edge of the screen. After this step, you can press print. Android Studio

To make it more readable, use the orthographic options on the tools list. Click the size button and adjust the size of the text box accordingly. If the text box is too small, you can scale it up or down.

Key Combination

Using the key combination to zoom in and out, you can make. The text appears larger or smaller than what you would typically see. Press and hold the zoom button, then release it when you have reached the desired zoom level. After doing this, you can then press and hold a button to zoom the text box in or out.

Next, in the graphic mode, you can add a border around the phone’s picture. The visual style will allow you to make the image look like a picture on your screen. After this step, you can then print the text and watch the text appear as you saw it.

Using the double tap on the image, you can create a fun animation for the text after doing. You can use the alternate option to reset the book and use the regular function on the keyboard to print the document again.

And repeat the process until you are satisfied with the animation. Android developers blog. Know more about Unlimited Toll-Free Service & Appels VoIP.