Alexa API

Alexa API

Alexa API, Using My Country mobile autopilot so that you can assemble Alexa API abilities. But With these pages, we will help you connect Alexa along with autopilot. So These measures may combine both:

  • So Proceed to
  • But click on the Produce Talent button.
  • Fill on your ability job title.

Around another tab, select Custom Made and then Pro Vision your reach. So on the Produce Talent button when You’re from the contractor IDE, click the Invocation Profile, Alexa API.

Decide on an invocation title. For example, here is the label used to match the ability state,” owl cafe,” by the term”Alexa, inquire owl cafe to arrange me a java.”, Alexa API.


Essential from the Invocation Identify in Your measure preceding 

  • So Click Crank out JSON
  • Swap straight back into your Amazon Developer Console tab and click the JSON E-ditor faucet button.
  • But Glue the JSON which has been created from the measure preceding
  • Click Help Save Design
  • Click Construct Product
  • Merely Click the End-points faucet button
  • Click the HTTPS Radiobutton
  • Glue the URL in Your Auto-Pilot Console
  • Be Certain You alter the invocation name from the JSON.

Autopilot supports Alexa API accounts connecting to expertise that needs the capacity to join with the individuality of their consumer with an individual in the other technique. So That is called account linking, as the aim will be to produce a match-up between your Alexa consumer and an individual account on the human body, Alexa API.

Please visit Account Linking for habit information documentation. But You are sure to receive the Token referenced from the autopilot petition as soon as the request comes in Alexa virtual because The Skill comes with Account linking installation and Alexa API.

Alexa API

With the TargetTask parameter in the Close of the URL (Alexa API)

Any material provided for messaging or number agency configured using this specific URL may property at the handle_appointment_confirmation undertaking, Alexa API.

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