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Agent Status

To make it easier for people to perceive each other’s agent status. Agent status, which allows call focus specialists with accessibility to their profile, is a call highlight that will enable them to show their specialist status. Specialist situations allow specialists to improve their visibility into the accessibility status and how they are handling calls. The current call community programming will enable managers to change specialists and create guidelines to facilitate specialist accessibility.

Why would you use agent status?

You can show accessibility by gradually increasing your accessibility. Specialists can display their accessibility status over time to multiple groups. So this allows you to observe how specialists treat not accepting calls. It also decides if calls can be directed towards that specialist. For example, specialists will only receive calls whose status is set at ‘Accessible or Forward to the telephone. So these custom situations will allow you to understand how specialists are treating them. To have a clearer understanding of the movement of every specialist, it is worth setting up custom scenarios such as Lunch, Meeting, Break, and so forth. The Agent Activity Report includes data about all specialists in your contact community’s movements. So it displays the total time spent by each specialist for each status.

With this tool, you can track agent status and make changes to it. For example, to respond to an unexpected inundation of calls, you as the boss or chief can change the accessibility statuses of specialists within your organization. So you can channel specialists according to situations. The live dashboard will also allow you to see how long a specialist has spent for each status. Specialists can be disconnected when you screen calls. So this will enable you to comment on how to handle the calls best. MCM Contact Center can help you ensure expert access to your specific situation.

Agent StatusInstructions to arrange agent status with MCM contact center:

It is possible to create customized situations with specialists. So this allows you to choose the one that fits your needs. Managers also can see exactly what specialists do when they’re unavailable. Here are some examples of custom and default situations created by the MCM Contact Center. Managers also can create new custom scenarios based on specific prerequisites. MCM Contact Center will ensure that you have 24/7 specialist access. Screen live calls are essential to screen agents’ status regularly to keep track of their calls. Then, with just a tick, get assembled and tune into without the client or specialist monitoring your essence. So you can make progress calls if the situation requires it. First, talk to clients straightaway if your representatives won’t respond to specific inquiries. Then, barge into de-raise tension situations.

Agent StatusAfter call work improvements:

You can empower specialists with the After Call Work’ setting to help them address any issues at the end of each call. After the call ends, the specialist status changes to this mode to give them the ability to wrap up. Call measurements are progressively called access call measurements or specialist execution measures. So these can use to help you gain insight into the public exhibition of your call or for making contributions regarding expert execution. Agent status is also helpful in estimating the functional evolution of your call.

You can use the call-placed QA dashboard to monitor compliance to support levels. Set help levels at the line or global level and monitor the compliance with the assistance level consistency modules. So to get more insight into your call communities by tracking key measurements via the Live Dashboard. In addition, MCM Contact Center gives you a 360-degree view of call metrics, which you can use to see the comprehensive exhibition of your call group.

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